Death sen­tence..!

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THERE voices was a stamp­ing of lit­tle feet and rais­ing of child­like

in the court­room. The judge lifted his gavel and brought it down, not once, not twice but a dozen times, but the an­gry din didn’t die down a bit.

“Or­der!” Or­der!” he screamed ris­ing from his seat and some calm was re­stored, but a mo­ment later the sounds be­came worse, “Killers!” cried the chil­dren in the court­room, as the de­fen­dants were led to their box. “Mur­der­ers!” shouted the same chil­dren, their shriek­ing shrill voices ris­ing in crescendo. “De­stroy­ers!” “Butch­ers!” “Or­der! Or­der!” said the judge, but even as he turned his an­gry glance at the par­ents and other adults in the de­fen­dants box, their lawyers knew it was a lost case.

“You may start!” said the judge kindly to the lawyer who rep­re­sented the chil­dren of the world and the chil­dren cheered as their young lawyer got up, but next mo­ment they started their an­gry boo­ing again as they looked at the adults stand­ing with for­lorn faces. “Your honor, th­ese men and women in the dock are mur­der­ers and killers!” shouted the young lawyer.

“Some of th­ese you ac­cuse are your par­ents, un­cles and aunts,” said the judge. “Butch­ers!” shouted the chil­dren some of whom were cry­ing. “What charges have you against the ac­cused?” asked the judge. “That they,” said the lawyer read­ing from a list, “have know­ingly mis­used the earth they were given to use for a lim­ited pe­riod and have through pol­lu­tion and waste, emis­sions and en­vi­ron­men­tal mis­han­dling, made this planet a place un­fit for th­ese chil­dren to live in.” “What ev­i­dence do you have?” asked the judge.

“Floods! “Unsea­sonal rains!” “Epi­demics!” shouted chil­dren. “Tsunamis!” shouted a child from Asia. “Heat waves!” “Global warm­ing!” “Dried rivers!” “Shrink­ing oceans!” “Or­der, or­der!” shouted the judge fi­nally, “You say that all this has been caused be­cause th­ese peo­ple never took care of this planet?”

“Yes your hon­our!” “What do you plead?” asked the judge look­ing at the ac­cused, who stood trem­bling; adults all of them in the age group of fifty and above.

“We plead guilty your hon­our!” “Guilty of de­stroy­ing planet Earth leased to you for your life­times?” “Yes your hon­our!”

The judge turned to the lawyer who rep­re­sented the chil­dren, “And what pun­ish­ment do you ask?” “Death!” shouted all the chil­dren, “Death..!” and even as they shouted the judge heard the sick­en­ing sounds of wheez­ing and cough­ing from an un­healthy gen­er­a­tion.

“The sen­tence is death..!” said the judge, bring­ing down his gavel, “to a gen­er­a­tion who de­stroy­ing prop­erty given to them on a life­time lease..!” —Email:bob­s­ban­

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