Pol­lu­tion ef­fects


Nowa­days pol­lu­tion is a big prob­lem in the world. Many peo­ple and many com­pa­nies are search­ing and cre­at­ing new pro­grammes and strate­gies for avoid­ing pol­lu­tion. Also the gov­ern­ment is try­ing to find a so­lu­tion. So it is im­por­tant to know what we are do­ing with our world. The ef­fects of pol­lu­tion are a lot but the main ones are the ozone pol­lu­tion, the death of the na­ture and con­se­quently slow move­ment to de­struc­tion and ex­tinc­tion.

Ozone pol­lu­tion is the big­gest prob­lem. Ozone pol­lu­tion is re­ally an in­crease in the con­cen­tra­tion of ozone in their air at ground level. Be­cause the sun­light has a crit­i­cal role in its for­ma­tion, ozone pol­lu­tion is prin­ci­pally a day­time prob­lem in the sum­mer months. Ground-level ozone is pro­duced when sun­light com­bines with hy­dro­car­bons and ni­tro­gen ox­ide, two com­pounds pro­duced by cars, trucks, fac­to­ries, and power gen­er­at­ing plants and found wher­ever ga­so­line, diesel or nat­u­ral gas are com­busted. So these gases are go­ing to af­fect our life.

An­other ef­fect is that the na­ture is dy­ing. Some air pol­lu­tants harm plants and an­i­mals di­rectly. Other pol­lu­tants harm the habi­tat, food and wa­ter, the plants and an­i­mals’ needs to sur­vive on. When air pol­lu­tion causes acid rains, the plants that rely on rain­wa­ter to live and grow, are en­dan­gered. How­ever, all these pol­lu­tants are caus­ing changes to the places where plants and an­i­mals live around the world.

More­over, the peo­ple have no choice but to breathe the air around them. When it is pol­luted, they breathe in ozone, par­ti­cles and harm­ful gases that can hurt their lungs, heart and over­all health.Air pol­lu­tion can cause burn­ing eyes and breath­ing problems, such as asthma or se­vere bron­chi­tis. Also ul­travi­o­let ra­di­a­tion causes skin cancer.

Pol­lu­tion is re­ally a big prob­lem in the world be­cause it is caus­ing dam­age to the Ozone layer that pro­tect the Earth planet and its habi­tats from the deadly ra­di­a­tion emit­ting by the Sun, thus re­sult­ing in death of nat­u­ral and growth of hu­man dis­eases. Peo­ple are cre­at­ing new projects that will be good for the hu­man­ity. But If we don’t take cog­ni­sance of these problems, maybe in fu­ture we will have more problems. So we need to try to avoid pol­lu­tion. — Karachi

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