84pc of sug­ar­cane pro­duc­tion utilised in sugar mills of Pun­jab

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Cur­rency Sell­ing Buy­ing MUL­TAN—Sug­ar­cane is one of the main cash crops of Pak­istan and 84 per cent of its pro­duc­tion is uti­lized by sugar mills to pro­duce it in Pun­jab. Per acre av­er­age pro­duc­tion of sug­ar­cane was only 626 Maunds per acre that was far below the av­er­age per acre pro­duc­tion of other coun­tries, says a re­lease is­sued by me­dia li­ai­son unit of Pun­jab Agri­cul­ture De­part­ment. How­ever, in some areas where weather con­di­tions were con­ducive for sug­ar­cane pro­duc­tion, it gives per acre yield rang­ing from 800-1000 Maunds per acre in Pak­istan.

Hot and hu­mid weather con­di­tions is favourable for sug­ar­cane pro­duc­tion which usu­ally per­sists in river­ine and coastal areas of the coun­try which in­cluded Badin, Rahim­yar Khan and others. Agri­cul­ture ex­perts said ex­treme hot and dry weather af­fected growth of sug­ar­cane while frost re­duces sugar con­tent. Ex­perts said farm­ers should adopt mod­ern pro­duc­tion tech­nol­ogy to get en­hanced pro­duc­tion that will in­crease pro­duc­tion of sugar at mills. For bet­ter growth, farm­ers should ap­ply wa­ter while keep­ing in view tem­per­a­ture and rain fac­tors. Crop should get wa­ter as per need at the growth stage. In ac­cor­dance with weather in­ten­sity, crop should get wa­ter af­ter 10-12 days gap in June, 12-15 days gap in July and Au­gust, and 25-30 days gap from Novem­ber to Fe­bru­ary.

Ex­perts said 1,000 Maunds per acre pro­duc­tion could be achieved pro­vided the crop gets from soil almost 80 kilo­gram of Ni­tro­gen, 26 kilo­gram Phos­pho­rous and 168 kilo­gram Potash. Nitroge­nous fer­til­iz­ers should be ap­plied in in­stal­ments to spring sown sug­ar­cane crop in ac­cor­dance with weather and soil con­di­tion. Third in­stal­ment of Nitroge­nous fer­til­iz­ers be ap­plied to spring sown crop in June while putting soil around trunks of the plants while the last in­stal­ment be ap­plied in Au­gust-Septem­ber while keep­ing in view the growth pat­tern. The last in­stal­ment of Nitroge­nous fer­til­iz­ers be ap­plied to Septem­ber sown crop in June while putting soil around the trunks.—APP

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