Ra­mazan: Spring sea­son of virtues

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RA­MAZAN is 9th month of Is lamic Cal­en­dar. It is the best

in the year. It is the month of fast­ing which is the 4th pil­lar of Is­lam. Mus­lims ob­serve fast dur­ing the whole month of Ra­mazan. It be­gins with the first night of Lu­nar Cal­en­dar. Ra­mazan is as like guest which comes once in a year. We should re­spect this guest. Al­lah pre­scribes daily fast­ing for all able, adult Mus­lims. Al­lah says in Qu­ran: “O you who have be­lieved, de­creed upon you is fast­ing as it was de­creed upon those be­fore you that you may at­tain taqwa”. [Qu­ran 2:183] Al­lah says in another place of Qu­ran: “So who­ever of you sights the month (Ra­mazan), he must ob­serve Saum (fasts).” [Qu­ran 2:185] In this month the gates of par­adise are opened, gates of Hell are closed and devils are chained. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “When it is the first night of the month of Ra­mazan the evil devils are chained.

The gates of fire are locked - not a sin­gle gate is opened, and the gates of Par­adise are opened - not a sin­gle gate is locked, and a caller calls out: O seeker of good, come for­ward, and O seeker of evil with­hold, and there are many whom Al­lah frees from the Fire - and that is ev­ery night”. (Tir­mid­hee, Ibn Ma­jah and Ibn Khuza­ymah)

Ra­mazan is the month of the Holy Qur’an. In this month, the Holy Qur’an re­vealed for guid­ance of peo­ple. Al­lah says in Su­rah Baqarah: “The month of Ra­mazan in which the Holy Qur’an was re­vealed, guid­ance for mankind and clear proofs for the guid­ance and the cri­te­rion (be­tween right and wrong)”. There is a spe­cial night in this month which is called Lailatul Qadr. There is great im­por­tance of Ra­mazan in Mus­lim’s life. It is spring sea­son of virtues for Mus­lims. It is also the month of atone­ment from evil. Al­lah’s Mes­sen­ger the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “Who­ever ob­serves (fasts) dur­ing the month of Ra­mazan out of sin­cere Faith and hop­ing to at­tain Al­lah’s Re­wards, then all his past sins will be for­given.” (Sahi Bukhari).

Fast­ing is not only to ab­stain from food, drink or re­main hun­gry. It is a prac­tice to adopt good deeds, in­crease of virtues and leave evil and bad habits. As the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that he who does not ab­stain from ob­scene lan­guage and act­ing ob­scenely (dur­ing the pe­riod of Ra­mazan), Al­lah has not need that he did not eat or drink. (Bukhari Mus­lim).

In another Ha­dith, Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “Fast­ing is not only to re­strain from food and drink. Fast­ing is to re­frain from ob­scene (acts). If some­one ver­bally abuses you or acts ig­no­rantly to­wards you, say (to them) ‘I am fast­ing, I am fast­ing.’ ” (Ibn Khuza­ymah) Fur­ther­more, ev­ery virtue has re­ward in Is­lam. For ex­am­ple, the re­ward of prayer is that if of­fered with sin­cer­ity the prayers helps a man to ab­stain from many bad deeds. The re­ward of Hajj is that Al­lah for­gives all past sins. But in case of fast­ing, is dif­fer­ent mat­ter. Mus­lim bears hunger for the sake of Al­lah. He can eat or drink some­thing in such place where any­one can­not see him. But he does not do so be­cause there is one thing in his mind that Al­lah is look­ing him. Holy Prophet (PBUH) re­ported that Al­lah said: “All ser­vices of son of Adam for him ex­cept fast­ing. It is for me, and I will re­ward him for it.”(Sahi Mus­lim).

Ra­mazan is the month of mag­nif­i­cence and felic­ity. It is train­ing course of one month. It is the month of pa­tience and re­ward of pa­tience is Par­adise. We should take great care of Ra­mazan. We should re­cite the en­tire the Holy Qur’an, of­fer spe­cial prayers like Taraweeh (night prayer). We should take re­pen­tance in Al­lah’s palace with this aim that we will gain bless­ings of Ra­mazan and will spend our tim­ing in wor­ship of Al­lah, per­form good deeds and col­lect max­i­mum virtues. May Al­lah help us to ful­fil the de­mands of Ra­mazan (Aameen).

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