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IF we could go through life with out hav­ing to make de­ci­sions how easy it would be huh? Or so we think. Life is all about de­cid­ing be­tween this or that; a checked shirt or striped, or no shirt at all, be­tween the hand­some man who is a flirt or plain de­pend­able guy, Miss In­dia or the girl next door.

A few years back we had Narasimha Rao as Prime Min­is­ter of In­dia who hated mak­ing any po­lit­i­cal de­ci­sions. He hoped by do­ing thus, the prob­lem would go away, but it never does, does it? When we don’t make de­ci­sions we just com­pound the prob­lem:

Joseph Henry was an Amer­i­can sci­en­tist who served as the first Sec­re­tary of the Smith­so­nian In­sti­tu­tion. He used to tell a rather strange story about his child­hood. His grand­mother, who raised him, once paid a cob­bler to make him a pair of shoes. The man mea­sured his feet and told Joseph that he could choose be­tween two styles: a rounded toe or a square toe. Lit­tle Joseph couldn’t de­cide. It seemed to be such a huge de­ci­sion; af­ter all, they would be­come his only pair of shoes for a long time. The cob­bler al­lowed him to take a cou­ple of days to make up his mind. Day af­ter day, Joseph went into the shop, some­times three or four times a day! Each time he looked over the cob­bler’s shoes and tried to de­cide. The round­toed shoes were more prac­ti­cal, but the square toes looked more fash­ion­able. He con­tin­ued to pro­cras­ti­nate. He wanted to make up his mind, but he just couldn’t de­cide!

Fi­nally, one day he went into the shop and the cob­bler handed him a par­cel wrapped in brown pa­per. His new shoes! He raced home. He tore off the wrap­ping and found a beau­ti­ful pair of leather shoes – one with a rounded toe and the other with a square toe! There’s a les­son for us all in this funny tale...a les­son about de­ci­sions: if I don’t make de­ci­sions my­self, oth­ers will prob­a­bly make them for me. Bet­ter that I make them my­self or maybe spend the rest of my life look­ing down at shoes that are crazily comic.

And what hap­pens if you choose poorly from time to time? I think that’s okay, too. At least you won’t have to wear shoes that don’t match. Be­sides with mak­ing a de­ci­sion you im­prove your de­ci­sion mak­ing skills and will prob­a­bly do bet­ter the next time. Start to­day; de­cide..! — Email:bob­s­ban­

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