Beg­ging, a dilemma

Pakistan Observer - - OPINION - PARSA KHEMANI

Giv­ing money to Street beg­gars, es­pe­cially the child beg­gars, al­ways presents me with a quandary; should I give or ab­stain? How much? What will hap­pen as a re­sult? While we might think that giv­ing alms to street beg­gars will help make their lives bet­ter, if only for a day or two days, think again, es­pe­cially to chil­dren. In Karachi we can eas­ily ob­serve the pres­ence of street beg­gars hang­ing around in pitiable con­di­tions,

Ba­si­cally beg­ging has be­come a pro­fes­sion be­cause beg­ging is easy way to earn money. There­fore, It is a short­cut for earn­ing nor­mal liveli­hood. On the con­trary a street beg­gar is earn­ing more then a nor­mal per­son, this is the rea­son why most of the phys­i­cally fit young per­sons are usu­ally seen beg­ging on the street, some of them may be re­ally needy. Beg­ging needs to be banned by law. How­ever, it is a fact that peo­ple in­volved in street beg­ging are mostly un­e­d­u­cated and un­skilled. In or­der to end ma­li­cious cul­ture we should think, rather act, to­wards this. Why are we mak­ing them de­pen­dent by giv­ing money, why don’t we help them to learn some use­ful skills to make an hon­est liv­ing rather then spread­ing hands for beg­ging? —Karachi

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