The winds of change..!

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THE winds of change blow through our life, some­times gen­tly, some­times like a mon­soon storm. We hate be­ing dis­turbed from our rest­ing places – and hav­ing to move to an­other level of liv­ing.

But change is in­evitable, and de­sir­able. Some­times, when the winds of change be­gin to rus­tle, we’re not cer­tain the change is for the bet­ter. We may call it stress or a tem­po­rary con­di­tion, cer­tain we’ll be re­stored to nor­mal. Some­times, we re­sist. We tuck our head down and bow against the wind, hop­ing things will quickly calm down, get back to nor­mal.

But is it pos­si­ble we’re be­ing pre­pared for a new “nor­mal”? Change will sweep through our life, as needed, to take us where we’re sup­posed to go. We have to trust God has a plan in mind, even when we don’t know where the changes are lead­ing. We can trust the change tak­ing place is good. The winds will take us where we have to go. Just like the sea­sons change, our life changes. We have to be open to the change that is com­ing and will­ing to learn the les­son that this change has for us. For in­stance I know we are in the mid­dle of a swel­ter­ing sum­mer. But if in­stead of ac­cept­ing this I hang on to liv­ing the way I was liv­ing dur­ing the win­ter months then I’m go­ing to land up with prickly heat and boils!

All be­cause I didn’t ad­just to change: Same with our lives: Many of us even know we need changes in our lives but con­tinue to live a life we are no longer sat­is­fied with. Peo­ple stay in re­la­tion­ships that aren’t good for them, keep jobs they are not happy with. There is noth­ing wrong with change. If you stay in the same place you may never know if some­thing bet­ter is out there.

There is no need to fear change. Change is good! As I look back at my own life I have made the great­est ac­com­plish­ments when changes oc­curred in my life. If you are go­ing through some sort of change right now take some time to think what is the les­son here and how can I make this a change for the bet­ter.

But the great­est way to han­dle change is with to­tal trust in One be­hind the change and with a prayer, “Today, help me, God, to let go of my re­sis­tance to change. Help me be open to process. Help me be­lieve that the place I’ll be dropped off will be bet­ter than place where I was picked up. Help me sur­ren­der, trust, and ac­cept, even if I don’t un­der­stand..!

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