Armed groups have been formed to achieve the ob­jec­tive of Ak­hand Bharat

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ZAHIR-UD-DIN HE Chief Min­is­ter, Mah­booba Mufti is ashamed of be­ing a Mus­lim. She is­sued this state­ment while talk ing to re­porters dur­ing the wreath lay­ing cer­e­mony of the CRPF per­son­nel who got killed in the Pam­pore en­counter last week. I un­der­stand Mah­booba was in a tight sit­u­a­tion that time. The me­dia was there, there were sol­diers around mourn­ing the demise of their col­leagues and the en­tire In­dian na­tion was watch­ing her on the small screen. So she made a ‘po­lit­i­cal’ state­ment to ap­pease the gullible In­di­ans by feel­ing ashamed of be­ing a Mus­lim.

Her fa­ther, late Mufti Sayed, how­ever, proved more pru­dent. Ad­dress­ing the south Kash­mir sports fes­ti­val at Gov­ern­ment De­gree Col­lege, Anant­nag in Septem­ber last year he said: “Is­lam’s mes­sage of peace is too loud to be lost in the din of vi­o­lence per­pe­trated by some peo­ple in its noble name.” Before go­ing to Is­lam and the mes­sage of peace it con­veys, it needs to be made clear that In­dia hosts the sec­ond big­gest pop­u­la­tion of Muslims in the world. Their mis­er­able plight and per­se­cu­tion at the hands of the ma­jor­ity com­mu­nity is no se­cret. Now, armed groups have been formed to achieve the ob­jec­tive of Ak­hand Bharat. Op­er­a­tion Ghar Wapsi has been launched and Muslims are forcibly con­verted to Hin­duism.

Ac­cord­ing to rough es­ti­mates, around 44000 an­tiMus­lim ri­ots have taken place in var­i­ous parts of In­dia since 1947. Mah­booba did not feel ashamed as an ‘In­dian’ and nor did his fa­ther. It was Arund­hati Roy and peo­ple like Gu­ataum Navlakha who came out strongly over per­se­cu­tion of Muslims and felt ashamed as In­di­ans.

Yes, the fol­low­ers of the most peace­ful re­li­gion have re­sorted to vi­o­lence. As men­tioned above vi­o­lence is con-

Tdemnable in all its forms and man­i­fes­ta­tions but the rea­sons for this need to be ex­plored. Those who con­demn Is­lam and the Muslims for ‘dis­or­der in the world have failed to voice their con­cern over mas­sacre of Pales­tinian chil­dren by “God’s cho­sen chil­dren” two years ago. No Jew shed tears over the mas­sacre, no Christian raised his voice and the Hin­dus brazenly re­fused to con­demn the mas­sacre. When a rag­tag French pub­li­ca­tion pub­lishes defam­a­tory car­toons of the most rev­ered Prophet (SAW) to de­lib­er­ately hurt the sen­ti­ments of one bil­lion Muslims across the world, the so-called cham­pi­ons of free­dom of speech and ex­pres­sion come out openly to de­fend the filth. But when it evokes a re­ac­tion, they start beat­ing their chests; they start cry­ing and vow to up­hold so-called free­dom of ex­pres­sion.

When Iraq is plun­dered to de­stroy ‘weapons of mass de­struc­tion’, the re­sponse can be vi­o­lent. And, if this vi­o­lence is con­demnable, the car­pet bomb­ing of Iraq should also be con­demned. When war against ter­ror is waged against Afghanistan, the mod­ern world has to stay pre­pared for a strong read vi­o­lent re­sponse.

Over a lac peo­ple have been killed in Jammu Kash­mir since 1990. There are more than eight thou­sand en­forced dis­ap­pear­ances, seven thou­sand rapes and about twelve thou­sand ex­tra-ju­di­cial ex­e­cu­tions. When the oc­cu­pa­tion is so ugly, the re­sponse can­not be rosy. No­body has hung his/her head in shame over rapes in Kash­mir.

Muslims do not be­lieve in vi­o­lence but it does not mean, they will take the thrash­ing ly­ing down all the time.

The most rev­ered Prophet (SAW) took part in eighty bat­tles that were im­posed on him. Around one thou­sand peo­ple got killed in th­ese bat­tles. An equal num­ber suf­fered in­juries. The mod­ern world fought just two wars. Crores of peo­ple got killed. Not only the his­tory but the ge­og­ra­phy of the world changed due to th­ese wars.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) was the first hu­man be­ing to say that everything was not fair in war. The in­struc­tions from the most rev­ered Prophet (SAW) to His wor­thy com­pan­ions (RA) merit spe­cial men­tion here. “Do not kill the non-com­bat­ants, do not kill the en­emy when he sur­ren­ders, do not cut trees, do not de­stroy stand­ing crops, do not harm the bish­ops, do not touch chil­dren and women, do not sub­ject the elderly peo­ple to in­con­ve­nience”.

Hun­dreds of per­sons were taken pris­on­ers dur­ing Holy Prophet’s (SAW) times. No­body was sub­jected to ex­tra­ju­di­cial ex­e­cu­tion. No­body dis­ap­peared. No­body was killed in a fake en­counter. No­body was tor­tured and no­body was stripped or hu­mil­i­ated. On the con­trary the pris­on­ers were fed well and treated well.

Seven­teenth Ra­mad­han is an im­por­tant date in the his­tory of hu­mankind as it changed the course of world his­tory. On this day a hand­ful of Muslims (313) de­feated an army of in­fi­dels. The day is re­mem­bered for a va­ri­ety of rea­sons. On this day, the most rev­ered Prophet (SAW) stressed need for en­force­ment of the rights of the pris­on­ers. This day, there­fore, is also called the day of the pris­on­ers.

Scores of in­fi­dels were taken into cus­tody af­ter they suf­fered a hu­mil­i­at­ing de­feat at the hands of the Muslims. Soon af­ter the Holy Prophet (SAW) sought coun­sel from his com­pan­ions (RA). Umer (RA) the great was in favour of killing the pris­on­ers. How­ever, the Prophet’s friend, Abu Bakr (RA) told the Holy Prophet (SAW) to grant par­don to all of them. The pris­on­ers were re­leased some in lieu of a con­sid­er­a­tion and most of them with­out any con­di­tions. A hand­ful of them were told to teach Muslims to win their free­dom. Ul­ti­mately all of them were re­leased.

This is what the Muslims be­lieve in. But they have also been told to fight those who en­croach upon their re­li­gion, hon­our and prop­erty. And re­mem­ber fight­ing in such cases be­comes a re­li­gious obli­ga­tion. —Cour­tesy: GK

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