Traders to pur­chase sub­si­dized flour of Ramzan Bazaars

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RAWALPINDI—It has been di­vulged that the sub­si­dized flour of Ra­mazan Bazaars will be sold to the traders of lo­cal mar­kets. The whole­sale traders have de­cided to sell this flour on reg­u­lar rates after Eid.

The Pun­jab Gov­ern­ment had given di­rec­tives to the Food De­part­ment to en­sure gen­er­ous sup­ply of flour to Ra­mazan bazaars. In this re­gard 11, 000 flour bags weigh­ing 10 kg each were sup­plied to Ra­mazan bazaars on daily ba­sis. Out of these only 1200-1500 flour bags were sold due to sub­stan­dard qual­ity. Even­tu­ally 95,000 flour bags were re­turned to the Food De­part­ment.

Ac­cord­ing to in­sid­ers, the Food De­part­ment is now work­ing in col­lu­sion with whole­sale traders to sell the hoarded flour bags. The whole­sale traders will sell this sub­si­dized flour on nor­mal rates after Eid to earn profit. The 10 kg flour bag will be sold for Rs. 580 whereas the 20 kg flour bag will be sold for Rs. 800-820.

Ac­cord­ing to the pol­icy of Food De­part­ment two flour bags were to be given to one stall holder of Ra­mazan bazaars but some stall hold­ers were also pro­vided with ten flour bags in or­der to achieve the tar­get. Ac­cord­ing to the of­fi­cials of Food De­part­ment, “flour is also avail­able in lo­cal mar­kets. It is not nec­es­sary that a sin­gle stall holder should be pro­vided with just one or two flour bags.” —Agen­cies

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