Faith­ful ob­serve Shab-e-Qadr with rev­er­ence

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ISLAMABAD—Lailatul Qadr, a night con­sid­ered to be equal to pray­ing for 1000 months, was ob­served last night with re­li­gious fer­vour and rev­er­ence. The night has spe­cial sig­nif­i­cance for the Mus­lims in which an­gels de­scend on the earth with the or­der of Al­lah Almighty for wel­fare of faith­ful till dawn of the day.

The faith­ful of­fered col­lec­tive prayers to seek Al­lahs For­give­ness and divine wor­ship through­out the night till Sehri. Ulema and Khatib threw light on the sig­nif­i­cance of the night.

Most of the Mus­lims had ar­ranged night long prayers and sought for­give­ness of their sins. Shabina Me­hfils were held in lead­ing mosques for night long recita­tion of the holy Qu­ran.—APP

Level of wa­ter in Nul­lah Leh has in­creased due to heavy rains.

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