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LIN­TON won nearly three mil­lion more votes more than Trump so the angst wave in Amer­ica upon his win­ning is un­der­stand­able. The same thing hap­pened with Al Gore. He too won the pop­u­lar vote and lost the pres­i­dency.

Like the jack of the pack of cards it’s a wild card - only time will tell how Trump’s Amer­ica and Trump for Amer­ica will term out. Fol­low­ing Dwight Eisen­hower, he is the first Pres­i­dent who is not a politi­cian.

How do peo­ple and me­dia view Trump? Keep in mind the me­dia too has their ‘favourites’ more of­ten than not.

“Most of the things he promised to do in or­der to get elected make no sense. And for that rea­son alone he may not do them. There is also the fact that even a Repub­li­can Congress may very well re­sist his poli­cies, by, for in­stance, re­fus­ing to fund con­struc­tion of the pro­posed wall bor­der­ing Mex­ico. He may not ne­go­ti­ate new trade agree­ments as pres­i­dent, but it is highly un­likely that he will back out of ex­ist­ing agree­ments. He prob­a­bly knows enough eco­nomic his­tory to want to avoid the dis­as­trous pro­tec­tion­ism of the 1930s that pro­longed the Great De­pres­sion and doomed the Repub­li­can Party to obliv­ion for two decades. China, Mex­ico and the Mid­dle East are places where Amer­i­can busi­ness­men, in­clud­ing Mr Trump him­self, make money. He knows, as just about ev­ery econ­o­mist knows, that global trade cre­ates far more jobs than it de­stroys, and that growing the mid­dle class while cut­ting off trade is im­pos­si­ble.” (NYT)

A very, very in­ter­est­ing an­gle is pre­sented by Ar­men Oru­jyan for For­tune, “Trump and his vot­ers, on the other hand, are car­ry­ing a bucket of very cold re­al­ity that, if they make it to the White House, would make se­lec­tive mem­ory im­pos­si­ble. They may be un­in­ten­tional bear­ers of truth who fol­low a po­lit­i­cal em­bar­rass­ment, but once in power their po­lit­i­cal blun­ders just might ac­ci­den­tally save us from our great­est prob­lems

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