Dan­gers of cig­a­rette use


The U.S. Cen­ter for Dis­ease Con­trol is launch­ing an ad cam­paign warn­ing con­sumers against the dual use of e-cig­a­rettes and regular cig­a­rettes.

E-cig­a­rettes are bat­tery-pow­ered de­vic- es that heat a nico­tine-laced liq­uid to pro­duce an in­hal­able vapour. Some three in four adult e-cig­a­rette users in the U.S. also smoke regular cig­a­rettes. Those who cut down the num­ber of cig­a­rettes they smoke by adding an­other tobaccot prod­uct, like e-cig­a­rettes, still facef se­ri­ous health risks. Smok­ers must quit smok­ing com­pletely to fully pro­tect their health be­cause even a fewf cig­a­rettes a day are danger­ous.

Most ex­perts agree that while eci­garettes may be safer than tra­di­tional cig­a­rettes, but data sug­gests many eci­garette users are also con­tin­u­ing to smoke regular cig­a­rettes.

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