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name in­stantly takes one’s mind back to the 1950s when the an­i­mated char­ac­ter, Cin­derella, hummed ‘sing sweet nightin­gale’ on screen. The 2015 ver­sion isn’t much dif­fer­ent and Lily James seems to be the per­fect fit for the lead char­ac­ter. Dis­ney is known for mould­ing magic into films and sto­ries like no other pro­duc­tion house. Cin­derella is not even slightly sim­i­lar to Frozen or the cu­ri­ous, in­quis­i­tive and ad­ven­tur­ous Ra­pun­zel in Tan­gled.

Ken­neth Branagh’s mod­ern Cin­derella isn’t much dif­fer­ent and has the same char­ac­ter like the older one. Lily James does jus­tice to it and the film re­volves around a step­mother and two step­sis­ters af­ter Ella’s par­ents die.. How­ever, the only few in­ter­est­ing twists to the film are a prior meet­ing of Cin­derella and the prince, played by Richard Mad­den. Cate Blanchett adds value to the en­tire 112 minute yet im­pres­sive bravado as the step­mother, Lady Tre­maine.

Af­ter watch­ing Anne Hathaway in Ella En­chant­ing and then turn­ing to Cin­derella, the ques­tion arises of why there are no twists and turns to the story. When speak­ing of Malef­i­cent or Frozen For­ever, an­tic­i­pa­tion drives the au­di­ence’s in­ter­est whereas the au­di­ence of Cin­derella knows ex­actly what to ex­pect as if they were watch­ing a film of pre-de­fined cal­cu­la­tion.

Con­vinc­ing points of dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion from the 1950s ver­sion could have added a very cred­i­ble touch to the film. But then, there can’t be any de­bate about how much the young and old adore this fairy­tale char­ac­ter. Gaz­ing at the screen isn’t an un­usual sight when a Dis­ney tale is play­ing, let alone Cin­derella.

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