Wrong No

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In a string of com­mer­cial, light-hearted movies re­leas­ing this year, Wrong Num­ber joins the club as the trailer prom­ises some fun, main­stream cin­ema.

Although the ex­act plot of the movie has not been re­vealed yet, one can as­sume that there may be a love tri­an­gle of sorts be­tween Taimoor and So­hai Ali Abro and Janita Asma, who are also in the movie.

The film’s cast also in­cludes vet­eran ac­tors like Javed Sheikh, who plays the role of a butcher, along with Shafqat Cheema, Dan­ish Nawaz and Nadeem Jafri and has been di­rected by Yasir Nawaz and pro­duced by YNH FILMS (Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir, Has­san Zia).

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