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Meet Va­sudha ( Vidya Balan), young mom of lit­tle boy, mak­ing a hard liv­ing in the hos­pi­tal­ity busi­ness; Hari (Ra­jkum­mar Rao), her hus­band, bur­dened with a dark past and Arav (Em­raan Hashmi), hand­some ty­coon, thirst­ing for ro­mance. This is the premise of the sup­pos­edly promis­ing love story ‘Hamari Ad­huri Ka­hani’ by di­rec­tor Mo­hit Suri; in­stead the au­di­ence gets zilch.

Va­sudha meets Aarav, the globetrotting hote­lier who falls for her. Af­ter a few songs and some emo­tional black­mail­ing by Aarav’s mother, Va­sudha over­comes her reser­va­tions about hav­ing a re­la­tion­ship with a man while be­ing mar­ried to another. Of course, things fall apart when Hari re­turns af­ter be­ing on the run from the law. He is far more hate­ful and in­sult­ing to­wards his wife than be­fore. His re­turn puts Va­sudha in a dilemma and throws her life out of gear once again.

‘Hamari Ad­huri Ka­hani’ pur­ports to be an un­usual tri­an­gle, and per­haps on pa­per, it may have come off as one. But this is a shock­ingly empty film, with the en­tire cast des­per­ately ‘act­ing away’, and not pro­ject­ing one sen­ti­ment that feels real. Can it be put down to the ter­ri­ble writ­ing?

Jerky, stagey se­quences are piled upon each other. Char­ac­ters are ar­rayed against static back­drops and made to spout the kind of di­a­logue that re­minds you of creaky yes­ter­year movies best for­got­ten.

This is the kind of part – a woman ric­o­chet­ing be­tween a brutish hus­band, a noble lover and a son –that Vidya Balan could have aced. She tries hard, her eyes swimming fre­quently. but drowns some­where in the ter­ri­ble script. Hari (Ra­jkum­mar Rao) could have made some­thing of this un­for­tu­nate predica­ment, try­ing to grap­ple with a sit­u­a­tion not of his mak­ing, but he is given the worst strand, which takes him to Maoist-in­sur­gency laden jun­gles and in­car­cer­ates him in cells.

No won­der the poor man is left mum­bling and stum­bling, break­ing off oc­ca­sion­ally to threaten Vidya Balan with this price­less line: ‘pati hoon main tera’ - just in case she’s for­got­ten the fact.

Em­raan Hashmi, whom one find un­der­rated be­cause he could do more, is sad­dled with sharp suits, first class flights and faith­ful as­sis­tants but not much more. He also gets many lines to ren­der which he blurts out du­ti­fully. He tears out of his about-to-leave flight, skid­ding to a halt in a flower shop, say­ing: ‘yeh phool mu­jshe kuch keh rahe hain’ or words to that ef­fect.

Given his early track-record of cre­at­ing en­gag­ing drama, Mo­hit Suri should have made a full meal of the fil, but his ma­te­rial defeats him: it is not only half done, it’s also not well be­gun. Bet­ter luck next time, Mo­hit!

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