Mu­sic - Aes­thet­i­cally Un­ap­peal­ing

Slogan - - EDITOR’S DESK - By Sam­ina Wahid

Fea­tured in what is al­ready be­ing touted as the high­est gross­ing movie – Jawani Phir Nahi Aani - on an open­ing week­end, Fair and Lovely ka Jalwa is one track that is sure to play at all the mehndis this wed­ding sea­son. The song, which also ap­pears to be vy­ing for the top slot in the list, ranks as the mother of all prod­uct place­ments. Jalwa show­cases the danc­ing skills of a blonde and pretty Soohai Ali Aabro. Un­for­tu­nately, the same can­not be said for the males fea­tured in the song – Hu­mayun Saeed, Vasay Chaudhry, Hamza Ali Ab­basi and Ahmed Ali Butt – who are vis­i­bly un­com­fort­able and are painfully out of snyc. In fact, Hu­mayun Saeed has gone on record to say that “you may not laugh at the film but you will laugh at my dance.” You think?

While the song is catchy, it sounds more like a jin­gle and the lyrics s leave much to be de­sired. Rhyming ‘gear’ and ‘share’ or ‘here’ and ‘pyaar’ does not make a good song. The con­cept be­hind the song is hardly ground-break­ing. The fair girl will al­ways get the groom, thus play­ing to the time-hon­oured South Asian stereo­type of gora rung be­ing the ul­ti­mate win­ner. There are, of course, other songs that have en­dorsed prod­ucts – the Ka­reena-Sal­man hit num­ber Fe­vi­col se be­ing a case in point – but the prob­lem with Jalwa is that it is too lit­eral in its in­ter­pre­ta­tion. As al­ways, the art of sub­tlety of per­haps even the use of metaphors is lost on the brand and pro­duc­tion teams.

Mean­while, the men in Jalwa are dressed like a train wreck: Hamza Ali Ab­basi and Vasay Chaudhry, I’m look­ing at you. The other two leads looked tol­er­a­ble but still noth­ing to write home about. On the other hand, Soohai looks rav­ish­ing in Ali Xee­shan’s pink gha­gra choli and is clearly the win­ner by a mile.

All said and done, you may find your­self oc­ca­sion­ally strum­ming along to Fair and Lovely Ka Jalwa but don’t be sur­prised if two months later, you re­mem­ber noth­ing of it

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