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film Ho Mann Ja­haan is al­most ready to un­ravel Asim Raza’s per­sonal jour­ney along with three as­pir­ing mu­si­cians. The renowned maker of com­mer­cials says his per­sonal strug­gles and am­bi­tions have trans­lated to the movie’s can­vas in one way or an­other. Asim’s pas­sion to make a fea­ture film had burned in him for some time. There is a new wave in Pak­istani cin­ema and it is also at­tract­ing direc­tors from the ad­ver­tis­ing world - peo­ple lik Asadul Haq, who has been crit­i­cized for over-reliance on vi­su­als rather than a strong story. De­spite be­ing a firm be­liever in the age-old proverb, ‘Con­tent is king’, Asim feels peo­ple have put all TVC direc­tors in the same bas­ket.

He is quite aware that a ma­jor sec­tion of his au­di­ence com­prises youth, so he has pro­vided enough ‘ex­cite­ment’ and ‘im­agery’ in the film to strike a chord with youth.

Prior to com­mit­ting to Ho Mann Ja­haan, Asim spent some time di­rect­ing a tele­film ti­tled Be­hadd. The ex­pe­ri­ence helped smoothen his tran­si­tion to fea­ture fil­mak­ing, en­sur­ing he wasn’t tak­ing a “dras­tic leap.”

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