Re­mem­ber­ing Ghayyur Akhtar

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Dur­ing the 80s and early 90s, ac­tor Ghayyur Akhtar per­formed in a num­ber of TV se­ri­als, films and ra­dio pro­grammes. He also pro­duced some stage plays in La­hore, but achieved pop­u­lar­ity mainly as a TV ac­tor. In the drama se­rial ‘Sona Chandi,’ he played the char­ac­ter of ‘Hameed Bhai,’ which was a hit and is still re­mem­bered for its spon­ta­neous ver­bal ex­pres­sion, Ghayyur also per­formed in many other TV shows such as ‘Waris,’ ‘Piyas,’ ‘Khawaja and Sons,’ ‘Pathjhar’ and ‘Ai­nak Wala Jin.’ No doubt, Ghayyur Akhtarr was a great artiste.

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