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“Co­conut oil is the health­i­est oil on earth,” writes Dr. Bruce Fife in his book “Co­conut Curves.” Dr. Bruce is a cer­ti­fied nu­tri­tion­ist, natur­o­pathic physi­cian and has writ­ten over 20 best-sell­ing books. Moth­ers and grand­moth­ers used to em­ploy or­ganic prod­ucts for en­hanc­ing their beauty but these are now eas­ily avail­able in the mar­ket and some­times in our kitchens as well. But some­how nat­u­ral prod­ucts have been ne­glected due to ex­cess use of make-up and ar­ti­fi­cial prod­ucts. Here are some ben­e­fits about or­ganic co­conut oil.

Healthy Ben­e­fits

Or­ganic co­conut oil has many health ben­e­fits which are not only lim­ited to skin and hair­care but also of­fer many other use­ful func­tions. Co­conut is the per­fect oil to con­trol arthri­tis, alzheimer’s, AIDS and weight loss.

Skin care

Co­conut oil is an ex­cel­lent mas­sage oil for skin and body and acts as a great mois­turiser for all types of skin. In win­ters, us­ing co­conut oil in­stead of cream makes the skin re­ally soft and it does not have any ad­verse side ef­fects. It de­lays wrin­kles and sag­ging of skin, which nor­mally ac­com­pa­nies ag­ing. It can also be used as a night mois­turiser and cleanser but this de­pends on how sen­si­tive your skin is. It also serves as a make-up re­mover. It is also a good rem­edy for cracked feet, chapped lips and rough hair.

Hair care

Co­conut oil has vi­ta­min E which works well for hair and can be used for mas­sag­ing and con­di­tion­ing. We of­ten dam­age hair by dye­ing and straight­en­ing and go to sa­lons for ex­pen­sive hair mas­sage or use vi­ta­min E cap­sules for good hair. In­stead of do­ing all this, ap­ply co­conut oil on hair for the night and wash in the morn­ing. It can be used as hair serum as af­ter hair wash­ing and in a few

weeks it will make hair very silky. It also elim­i­nates hair splits and dan­druff. Some do not like the smell of co­conut oil. For this, add a pinch of salt.

En­ergy Booster

In some coun­tries, peo­ple use co­conut oil as an en­ergy drink which gives ex­tra live­li­ness to the body. It mainly con­tains medium chained fatty acids (MCFAs) which are eas­ily di­gestible. One of the awe­some prop­er­ties of these MCFAs is that they get eas­ily ab­sorbed in the body and con­vert into en­ergy. Other fatty acids take long to digest. They turn into lit­tle bun­dles of fat, which gen­er­ally leads to heart dis­eases and weight gain. There are many ways to take co­conut oil: s 4AKE A FEW TA­BLE­SPOONS OF CO­CONUT OIL DI­rectly on daily ba­sis. s !DD ONE TEA SPOON OF CO­CONUT OIL TO A glass of wa­ter and drink be­fore break­fast and lunch. How­ever, avoid us­ing at night as it causes sleep­less­ness. s #OCONUT MILK AND CO­CONUT POW­DER KHOPra) can be re­fresh­ing for the body.

Cook­ing Oil

Co­conut oil is used as cook­ing oil in many coun­tries such as Thai­land and In­dia. It has a sat­u­rated fat called “Medium Chain Triglyc­erides” (MCTs) which are eas­ily di­gested. The method of us­ing co­conut oil in meals is to add it to sal­ads or cur­ries. It can be used in recipes based on fry­ing and roast­ing. It can also be used for bak­ing. Co­conut oil is a good re­place­ment for but­ter for those who fol­low a strictly healthy life­style.

Lose Weight and In­crease Me­tab­o­lism:

One of the MCTs in co­conut oil is called Lau­ric Acid. A great ben­e­fit of this is that it can kill a large num­ber of disease-caus­ing bac­te­ria, fungi and viruses. Another bonus is the ef­fect on me­tab­o­lism, spe­cially their ca­pac­ity to help in weight loss. The fatty acids in co­conut oil can in­crease the en­ergy level and help you loss weight. In places, where co­conut oil is used as a cook­ing medium, weight loss is higher.

In coun­tries where co­conut and co­conut oil are con­sumed daily, peo­ple are health­ier. One myth is that co­conut oil has high sat­u­rated fat con­tent and is un­healthy. This is in­cor­rect. Co­conut oil has medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which digest blood ef­fort­lessly com­pared to other oils which have long-chain fatty acids. That is why co­conut oil is healthy, ex­cep­tional and dif­fer­ent from all other oils.

Peo­ple with high choles­terol must con­sult a physi­cian be­fore us­ing co­conut oil.


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