Feel all the love that has ever been given to you, and feel and see all those who have ever loved.

Southasia - - Contents - By Maneka Gandhi

Nur­tur­ing and sup­port­ing all sen­tient be­ings is the phi­los­o­phy of liv­ing.

As sci­en­tists progress, they have come to agree with spir­i­tu­al­ists who have known for cen­turies that the mind has many lay­ers. It is not just a sim­ple ma­chine that re­sides in the neu­rons of the brain and car­ries mes­sages to the body. Each layer has a dif­fer­ent func­tion These lay­ers are: • The Phys­i­cal or Gross mind: This picks up the sig­nals of the body about hunger, pain, de­sire, and the urge to pro­cre­ate. • The Sen­sory layer: This is con­cerned with sen­sory im­pulses such as touch, the feel­ing of full­ness, pain, sound, taste and sight. • The Think­ing layer: This is con­cerned with logic and the ego. This works out ac­tions, de­vises plans and is the layer that gives us our sense of who we are as in­di­vid­u­als. This is the part that is af­fected when its ego is bruised. • The Em­pa­thy layer: This deals with com­pas­sion and a love for oth­ers in a non con­trac­tual way. This is the one that looks at “dharma” – to do unto oth­ers as you would have them do unto you – and is not lim­ited by thoughts of what you get in re­turn. • The Spe­cial Gifts layer: This con­trols cre­ativ­ity and gifts like spe­cial mem­o­ries, clair­voy­ance. This layer op­er­ates when it is free of the clut­ter of thoughts and ego of the above lay­ers, but it is the layer that op­er­ates its gifts with­out un­der­stand­ing. • The Wis­dom layer: This is the mind that can see the past/present/fu­ture. It is con­nected to the cos­mic mind and has all its power. This is the layer that, when ac­cessed, al­lows you to live in bliss and un­der­stand­ing.

How to get there: Like a puz­zle box, you have to open layer af­ter layer till you reach the wis­dom one. Most peo­ple don’t get past the first three and spend cen­turies trapped in the pain caused by their own ego and thought­less­ness. You need to get to

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