Im­por­tance of An­i­mals in Is­lam

Is­lam sets the cre­ation of an­i­mals at a very high pedestal. How­ever, time and again, Mus­lims have re­fused to ac­knowl­edge this im­por­tance.

Southasia - - Special Feature - By Nilo­far Ahmed

“He is the One who cre­ated for you all that is in the earth.” (Qu­ran: 2: 29)

It seems that this verse has been widely mis­un­der­stood by Mus­lims. When some­body is gifted with some­thing, he is sup­posed to cher­ish, nur­ture and take care of that gift and is not to mis­use or de­stroy it. But it seems that gen­er­ally Mus­lims are not in­clined to cher­ish and pro­tect the in­nu­mer­able species of an­i­mals gifted to them in this world.

There are six surahs in the Qu­ran whose ti­tles are based on the names of an­i­mals. Be­sides, the men­tion of an­i­mals is found through­out the Book. In Su­rah Al-Anaam it is said, “There is no an­i­mal walk­ing on the earth nor a bird fly­ing on its two wings, ex­cept that they are (part of) com­mu­ni­ties like you” (6: 38). God, in His in­fi­nite wis­dom, has or­ga­nized even the most hum­ble of crea­tures, like the birds, the bees and the ants into com­mu­ni­ties so that they can work, com­mu­ni­cate and sur­vive ac­cord­ing to strict eth­i­cal and or­ga­ni­za­tional rules, with­out any de- vi­a­tion. All the crea­tures in the world, in­clud­ing the an­i­mals, glo­rify their Lord and “sing His praises” (17: 44). The liv­ing sing with their tongues, while the non-liv­ing with the tacit ac­qui­es­cence of their con­di­tion.

Prophet Nuh was asked to build a large boat un­der divine in­struc­tions: “Con­struct a boat un­der Our su­per­vi­sion and by Our in­spi­ra­tion” (11: 38). The ones to be saved from the flood were the be­liev­ers as well as a pair of ev­ery species of an­i­mals: “… We said, ‘Load aboard (an­i­mals), of ev­ery pair

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