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AHeavy Me­chan­i­cal Com­plex III in Tax­ila, oper­at­ing un­der the Pak­istan Atomic En­ergy Com­mis­sion (PAEC), is ready to steer Pak­istan into the fu­ture of nu­clear tech­nol­ogy. Ac­cord­ing to cer­tain sources, the Pak­istan Nu­clear Reg­u­la­tory Author­ity has given HMC the green sig­nal to man­u­fac­ture class I nu­clear safety equip­ment. As per re­quire­ments, the Com­plex will man­u­fac­ture equip­ment re­lated to core nu­clear is­lands, form­ing a di­rect link to con­trol and main­tain mul­ti­ple ac­tiv­i­ties in a nu­clear re­ac­tor. Over the years, the man­u­fac­tur­ing fa­cil­ity in Tax­ila has pro­duced spare parts for nu­clear plants and other re­lated equip­ment. Com­ment­ing on the ad­vance­ment in tech­nol­ogy, En­gi­neer An­war Habib, Chair­man PNRA, said, “Pak­istan has con­stantly been un­der in­ter­na­tional em­bar­goes. Lo­cal pro­duc­tion of parts would not only help them keep up the re­quired main­te­nance of nu­clear plants but it would also im­prove the ex­ist­ing plants. It is in­deed a happy mo­ment for Pak­istan. We will en­sure that qual­ity is not com­pro­mised in haste or achiev­ing any pro­duc­tion tar­get.” HMC-III al­ready ac­quired cer­ti­fi­ca­tions, nearly six years ago, to man­u­fac­ture class II and III nu­clear safety equip­ment. Class I equip­ment deals with man­u­fac­tur­ing parts for tanks, ves­sels, and steam gen­er­a­tors.

Given its geo-strate­gic lo­ca­tion and the de­sire to de­velop se­cure nu­clear tech­nol­ogy, the coun­try can­not tol­er­ate any com­pro­mise over qual­ity which is the rea­son why Pak­istan re­ceived the cer­ti­fi­ca­tion af­ter due con­sid­er­a­tion.

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