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Pun­jab cops de­manded bribe from KPK CM

PTI Chair­man Imran Khan ac­cused Pun­jab po­lice of de­mand­ing bribe from Khy­ber Pakhtunkhnwa Chief Min­is­ter Pervez Khat­tak dur­ing a visit to La­hore. Khat­tak and three mem­bers of his cab­i­net were trav­el­ing with­out pro­to­col when po­lice stopped them and de­manded bribe at an exit point in La­hore.

VIP Pro­to­col in Pak­istan

Mak­ing the pub­lic wait for them to pass se­curely, only ex­ac­er­bates the hate sen­ti­ment which they al­ready have against the rulers. This is also re­flec­tive of their feu­dal­is­tic mind­set of be­ing sur­rounded by nu­mer­ous gun­men at all times, pay­ing no heed to the suf­fer­ing caused by their pro­to­col. Ego­cen­tric­ity is an­other rea­son why they want to keep such VVIP pro­to­cols, be­sides se­cu­rity. Keep­ing op­u­lent cars and be­ing fol­lowed by gun­men serves to feed the nar­cis­sis­tic souls while people con­tinue to live in fear and hunger.

JI pledges to end VIP cul­ture

Ja­maat-e-Is­lami Ameer Si­ra­jul Haq has said that JI wanted to bring the VIP cul­ture in the coun­try to a swift end, and raise the liv­ing stan­dard of the 95 per­cent op­pressed masses on a par with the five per­cent rul­ing elite. Si­ra­jul Haq termed the rul­ing elite as the great­est threat to the coun­try’s sta­bil­ity, and warned that if rulers did not change their at­ti­tude, the op­pressed masses could rise in re­volt. He said on one hand was a VP cul­ture for the elite while on the other hand, there was a foot­path cul­ture as thou­sands of chil­dren were seen col­lect­ing rot­ten food on roads and garbage, while liv­ing on foot­paths. None of the feu­dal lords or cap­i­tal­ists had made any sac­ri­fice for the sake of Pak­istan; it was the poor who ren­dered sac­ri­fices for the coun­try.

VIP move­ment both­ers people

Un­like other coun­tries, VIP move­ments in our coun­try in the city streets and in high­ways cre­ate lots of prob­lems for the people. Vir­tu­ally the people are stranded for no faults of theirs. In other coun­tries it is not felt that VIPs are pass­ing through the city streets and high­ways. They pass the roads qui­etly caus­ing no prob­lem on the move­ments of the people and ve­hi­cles. A per­son is des­ig­nated as VIP only be­cause of his/her po­lit­i­cal and of­fi­cial po­si­tion. The VIPs should not be the cause of trou­ble and dis­com­fort for the people. VIP move­ment cre­ates man­i­fold prob­lems: a) It re­stricts the flow of ve­hi­cles on the busy roads of the cities; b) It stops the move­ment of the pedes­tri­ans even on the over­passes; c) It com­pletely shat­ters the traf­fic sig­nal sys­tems; d) It hin­ders the move­ment of dy­ing/se­ri­ous pa­tients to the hospi­tal and causes many other prob­lems; and e) last but not the least, it in­sults se­nior, re­spected cit­i­zens of the coun­try by restrict­ing their free move­ment de­spite their so­cial sta­tus not be­ing in­fe­rior to any of those VIPs. –

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