Grow up, politi­cians, !

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Shouldn’t it be a mat­ter of shame for us that even after more than 65 years of Pak­istan’s cre­ation, our politi­cians are still un­able to sort out the mess they have them­selves cre­ated? That they have to look to­wards a third force, be it na­tional or in­ter­na­tional, to solve their dis­putes is just pa­thetic. It was dis­heart­en­ing to see politi­cians, some of whom have been in pol­i­tics for decades, call­ing on the army to in­ter­vene and clear the im­passe. Don’t our armed forces have bet­ter things to do? They are al­ready busy fight­ing a war in North Waziris­tan on which the fate and sur­vival of the coun­try de­pends.

Quite per­plex­ingly, the same politi­cians who do not let go of any op­por­tu­nity to press upon the na­tion the value of true democ­racy and the atro­cious­ness of mil­i­tary rulers call for the army’s help when­ever they are in a messy sit­u­a­tion. It is time they made up their minds once and for all. If they have to ask for the mil­i­tary’s help ev­ery now and then, per­haps they should give the armed forces some po­lit­i­cal role in the gov­er­nance struc­ture. If the politi­cians can’t do that, they should try to re­solve their prob­lems on their own.

Vi­jay Malkhani

Hy­der­abad, Pak­istan

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