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This refers to the ar­ti­cle ‘Oc­cu­pa­tional Haz­ard’. The treat­ment of jour­nal­ists in South Asian coun­tries is in­deed a mat­ter of con­cern. In fact, this phe­nom­e­non is not limited to South Asia. I read a re­port the other day about the most dan­ger­ous coun­tries for jour­nal­ists. Sadly, among the top ten coun­tries, five were Mus­lim. Although the Mal­dives was not in­cluded in the top ten coun­tries, it is most likely to join the in­fa­mous club if jour­nal­ists are con­tin­u­ously tar­geted there for re­port­ing the facts.

Ahmed Ab­dulla Ril­wan’s ab­duc­tion points to­wards another omi­nous re­al­ity: the de­creas­ing space and tol­er­ance for di­verse points of views. If al­lowed to per­sist, this dan­ger­ous trend will harm the Mal­di­vian so­ci­ety very badly. Rad­i­cal­ism is a mon­ster that has seem­ingly taken the en­tire Mus­lim world in its grip and the Mal­dives is no ex­cep­tion. While it is a grave threat for ev­ery coun­try per se, no state stands to lose more be­cause of it than the Mal­dives. Its en­tire econ­omy de­pends on tourism and the majority

of tourists who come to the Mal­dives are western­ers. By mak­ing de­mands for im­ple­ment­ing a strict brand of Shariah, some el­e­ments in so­ci­ety will sim­ply send the tourists away – the big­gest source of in­come for the coun­try. I am sure they do not want that. With that, I hope for a safe re­turn of Ab­dulla. May no other jour­nal­ist in the coun­try have to face what he did. Ra­j­jab Sulthan Male, Mal­dives

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