Lost Faces

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It is heart-wrench­ing to read about peo­ple dis­ap­pear­ing with­out a trace, leav­ing dis­traught and trau­ma­tized fam­i­lies in their wake. The num­ber of peo­ple miss­ing or dis­ap­peared seems to grow with each pass­ing day with no sign of any re­prieve. I was shocked to read the fig­ures of miss­ing per­sons out­lined by the writer of the piece, ‘Dis­ap­pear­ing Ac­tivists’. What is even more shock­ing is the num­ber of dead bod­ies of the same mis­sion per­sons turn­ing up barely days later. Pre­vi­ously, I used to think Pak­istan was per­haps the only coun­try to suf­fer from this prob­lem. How­ever, much to my dis­may, other coun­tries seem to be suf­fer­ing from this prob­lem as well.

Is there no jus­tice left in this world? How many more dis­ap­pear­ances will it take for the gov­ern­ment to take ac­tion? Sadly enough, we live in a world where such in­ci­dents have be­come com­mon­place and where any per­son or in­sti­tu­tion rais­ing a voice against such crimes is im­me­di­ately si­lenced. For the ex­pul­sion of this men­ace once and for all, we will all have to unite as one. Aam­i­nah Sa’na Abu Dhabi, UAE

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