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My­suru Ex­press, a Braille-em­bed­ded train, has been re­cently in­tro­duced in In­dia. The metal­lic Braille sig­nage pro­vided on the coaches of the bi-weekly ex­press helps visu­ally im­paired pas­sen­gers to find their seats and berths. In case of an emer­gency, the Braille sig­nage helps blind peo­ple lo­cate alarm chains and emer­gency win­dows with op­er­at­ing in­struc­tions. Us­ing the spe­cial fea­tures, visu­ally-chal­lenged pas­sen­gers can go to the toi­let and even travel alone with­out as­sis­tance. The My­suru Rail­way Sta­tion has also in­stalled tac­tile maps and a train itin­er­ary sign­board to pro­vide train sched­ules in Braille.

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