Ro­ma­nian En­voy Launches Eco­nomic Diplo­macy Diplo­matic En­clave

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With the fall of Soviet Union the world has wit­nessed an im­por­tant shift in ap­proach for pro­mot­ing re­la­tions where eco­nomic diplo­macy got the ma­jor role. Thus a new era was started in which the main fo­cus was on pro­mot­ing trade and eco­nomic re­la­tions be­tween coun­tries side by side im­prov­ing the po­lit­i­cal re­la­tion­ship. China sym­bol­ized as the best ex­am­ple for de­vel­op­ment by shift­ing its fo­cus from pol­i­tics to the trade and econ­omy. By adopt­ing this ap­proach, China within a short span of 20 years has emerged as the sec­ond largest econ­omy of the world. TheAm­bas­sador of Ro­ma­nia Mr. Emil­ion Ion stands among the best am­bas­sadors of the world ac­cord­ing to my knowl­edge. Mr. Ion is a very smart and en­er­getic diplo­mat in Is­lam­abad who has de­vel­oped very cor­dial re­la­tions with the peo­ple rep­re­sent­ing var­i­ous seg­ments of the so­ci­ety. He is seen al­ways work­ing very hard to pro­mote the best in­ter­ests of his coun­try and to achieve his ob­jec­tives even without much fi­nan­cial sup­port from his coun­try. That's why I take him as a model en­voy for diplo­macy in the world and es­pe­cially in Pak­istan. It is the main ob­jec­tive of ev­ery am­bas­sador wher­ever he is de­puted to make ef­forts for im­prov­ing the trade and eco­nomic ties of his home coun­try with host coun­try but the way Mr. Ion has uti­lized eco­nomic diplo­macy along with the cul­tural and po­lit­i­cal diplo­macy, he stands unique in diplo­matic com­mu­nity. Mr. Ion in­vited the diplo­matic corps and am­bas­sadors of var­i­ous coun­tries at a din­ner re­cep­tion and also or­ga­nized a fash­ion show in which the Ro­ma­nian dresses for the ladies and gents were shown to the au­di­ence. Lounge suite, ca­su­al­wear, jeans pant and var­i­ous other at­trac­tive dresses for the gents and ladies were dis­played which fas­ci­nated the par­tic­i­pants due to their high qual­ity and beau­ti­ful de­sign. Mr. Ion was able to at­tract many renowned po­lit­i­cal fig­ures of the coun­try to the event. Prominent among them were Makhdoom Amin Fa­heem Fed­eral Min­is­ter for Com­merce, Mir Hazar Khan Ba­jarani Fed­eral Min­is­ter, Bar­ris­ter Sul­tan Mehmood for­mer Prime Min­is­ter ofAzad Kash­mir, Ms. Pelvisha Behram Chair­man For­eign Af­fair Com­mit­tee of Na­tional Assem­bly, Mr. Ghalib Iqbal Chief of Pro­to­col, Zehra Si­raj Vilyani among a galaxy of var­i­ous diplo­mats, other po­lit­i­cal fig­ures and busi­ness per­son­al­i­ties of the city. Many am­bas­sadors showed much in­ter­ested about the out­come of the pro­ceed­ings in the Supreme Court. Most of the am­bas­sadors were of the opinion that Pak­istan is a very busy sta­tion for any am­bas­sador be­cause he has to file a story ev­ery­day back home as the po­lit­i­cal sit­u­a­tion was chang­ing with ev­ery pass­ing day. Pak­istan and Ro­ma­nia have a long his­tory of bi­lat­eral re­la­tions, which started in 1964 when Pak­istan and Ro­ma­nia signed their first trade agree­ment. Ro­ma­nia has shown keen in­ter­est in work­ing to­gether with Pak­istan at all lev­els in or­der to pro­mote and con­sol­i­date the bi­lat­eral co­op­er­a­tion in the po­lit­i­cal, eco­nomic, com­merce, cul­tural and other fields. Pak-Ro­ma­nia Busi­ness Coun­cil was launched in Fe­bru­ary 2011 while Pak­istan Ro­ma­nia Friend­shipAs­so­ci­a­tion was re­ac­ti­vated in July 2011. A Sen­a­to­rial del­e­ga­tion of Ro­ma­nia also vis­ited Pak­istan in Septem­ber 2011 to fur­ther strengthen re­la­tions be­tween the two coun­tries. Hun­dreds of Pak­istani com­pa­nies are do­ing busi­ness in Ro­ma­nia. Ro­ma­nia is Pak­istan's im­por­tant trad­ing part­ner within the Eu­ro­pean Union (EU). How­ever, bi­lat­eral trade be­tween the two coun­tries is still much less than their true po­ten­tial. Pak­istan's ma­jor ex­ports to Ro­ma­nia in­clude ma­te­rial of an­i­mal ori­gin, cot­ton fab­rics and ar­ti­cles of tex­tile ma­te­ri­als, while the im­ports in­clude oil seeds, iron and steel man­u­fac­tures and ma­chin­ery. Sun­flower seeds, cop­per cath­odes, or­ganic chem­i­cals and dyes, tex­tile and tex­tile goods, agri­cul­ture prod­ucts, leather goods, IT are con­sid­ered as po­ten­tial ar­eas for mu­tual co­op­er­a­tion be­tween the twocoun­tries. Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Mir Hazar Khan Bi­jar ani, Bar r is­ter Sul­tan Mah­mood and other s at a Fash­ion Show or­ga­nized by Mr. Emil­ion Ion,

Am­bas­sador of Ro­ma­nia

* Thewri­ter­ispromi­nent busi­ness­man­inIs­lam­abad.

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