The Roads Lead­ing to Dis­as­ter

The Diplomatic Insight - - Cuba - *Fidel Cas­tro Ruz

This Re­flec­tion could be writ­ten to­day, to­mor­row or any other day­with­out the risk of be­ing mis­taken. Our species faces new prob­lems. When 20 years ago I stated at the United Na­tions Con­fer­ence on the En­vi­ron­ment and De­vel­op­ment in Rio de Janeiro that a species was in dan­ger of ex­tinc­tion, I had fewer rea­sons than to­day for warn­ing about a dan­ger that I was see­ing per­haps 100 years away. At that time, a hand­ful of lead­ers of the most pow­er­ful coun­tries were in charge of the world. They ap­plaud­ed­my­words as a mat­ter of mere cour­tesy and placidly con­tin­ued to dig for the burial of our species. It seemed that on our planet, com­mon sense and or­der reigned. For a while eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment, backed by tech­nol­ogy and sci­ence ap­peared to be theal­pha an­domega of hu­man so­ci­ety. To­day, ev­ery­thing is much clearer. Pro­found truths have been sur­fac­ing. Al­most 200 States, sup­pos­edly in­de­pen­dent, con­sti­tute the po­lit­i­cal or­ga­ni­za­tion which in the­ory has the job of gov­ern­ing the destiny of the world. Ap­prox­i­mately 25,000 nu­clear weapons in the hands of al­lied or en­emy forces ready to de­fend the chang­ing or­der, by in­ter­est or ne­ces­sity, vir­tu­ally re­duce to zero the rights of bil­lions of peo­ple. I shall not com­mit the naïveté of as­sign­ing the blame to Rus­sia or China for the de­vel­op­ment of that kind of weaponry, af­ter the mon­strous mas­sacre at Hiroshima and Na­gasaki, or­dered bytru­man af­ter Roosvelt's death. Nor shall I fall prey to the er­ror of deny­ing the Holo­caust that sig­ni­fied the deaths of mil­lions of chil­dren and adults, men or women, mainly Jews, gypsies, Rus­sians or other na­tion­al­i­ties, who were vic­tims of Nazism. For that rea­son the odi­ous pol­icy of those who deny the Pales­tinian peo­ple their right to ex­ist is re­pug­nant. Does any­one by chance think that the United States will be ca­pa­ble of act­ing with the in­de­pen­dence that will keep it from the in­evitable dis­as­ter await­ing it? In a few weeks, the 40 mil­lion dol­lars Pres­i­dent Obama promised to col­lect for his elec­toral cam­paign will only serve to show that the cur­rency of his coun­try is greatly de­val­u­ated, and that the US, with its un­usual grow­ing public debt draw­ing close to 20 quadrillion, is liv­ing on the money it prints up and not on the money it pro­duces. The rest of the world pays for what they waste. Iran has no nu­clear weapons. It is be­ing ac­cused of pro­duc­ing en­riched uranium that serves as fuel en­ergy or com­po­nents for med­i­cal uses. What­ever one can say, its pos­ses­sion or pro­duc­tion is not equiv­a­lent to the pro­duc­tion of nu­clear weapons. Dozens of coun­tries use en­riched uranium as an en­ergy source, but this can­not be used in the man­u­fac­ture of a nu­clear weapon with­out a prior complicated pu­rifi­ca­tion process. How­ever, Is­rael, with the aid and co­op­er­a­tion of the United States, man­u­fac­tured nu­clear weaponry with­out in­form­ing or ac­count­ing to any­body, to­day not ad­mit­ting their pos­ses­sion of these weapons, they have hun­dreds of them. To pre­vent the de­vel­op­ment of re­search in neigh­bour­ing Arab coun­tries, they at­tacked and de­stroyed re­ac­tors in Iraq and Syria. They have also de­clared their aim of at­tack­ing and de­stroy­ing the pro­duc­tion cen­tres for nu­clear fuel in Iran. In­ter­na­tional pol­i­tics have been re­volv­ing around that cru­cial topic in that com­plex and dan­ger­ous part of the world, where most of the fuel that­moves the world econ­omy is pro­duced and sup­plied. The se­lec­tive elim­i­na­tion of Iran's most em­i­nent sci­en­tists by Is­rael and their NATO al­lies has be­come a prac­tice that mo­ti­vates ha­tred and feel­ings of re­venge. The Is­raeli gov­ern­ment has openly stated its ob­jec­tive to at­tack the plant man­u­fac­tur­ing Iran's en­riched uranium, and the gov­ern­ment of the United States has in­vested bil­lions of dol­lars to man­u­fac­ture a bomb for that pur­pose. On March 16, 2012, Michel Chos­su­dovsky and Finian Cun­ning­ham pub­lished an ar­ti­cle re­veal­ing that “Atop USAIR Force Gen­eral has de­scribed the largest con­ven­tional bomb – the re-in­vented bunkers of 13.6 tones – as 'fan­tas­tic' for a mil­i­tary at­tack on Iran. “Such an elo­quent com­ment on the mas­sive killer-arte­fact took place in the same week that Pres­i­dent Barack Obama ap­peared to warn against 'easy words' on the Per­sian Gulf War.” “…Her­bert Carlisle, deputy chief of staff for US Air Force op­er­a­tions […] added that prob­a­bly the bomb would be used in any at­tack on Iran or­dered bywash­ing­ton. “The MOP, also re­ferred to as 'The Mother of All Bombs', is de­signed to drill through 60 me­tres of con­crete be­fore it det­o­nates its mas­sive bomb. It is be­lieved to be the largest con­ven­tion­al­weapon, non-nu­clear, in theus arse­nal.” “The Pen­tagon is plan­ning a process of wide destruc­tion of Iran's in­fra­struc­ture and mas­sive civil­ian vic­tims through the com­bined use of tac­ti­cal nu­clear bombs and mon­strous con­ven­tional bombs with mush­room- shaped clouds, in­clud­ing the MOABS and the larger GBU-57A/B or Mas­sive Ord­nance Pen­e­tra­tor (MOP) that ex­ceeds the MOAB in de­struc­tive ca­pac­ity. “The MOP is de­scribed as 'a pow­er­ful new bomb that aims straight at subter­ranean Ira­nian and North Korean nu­clear fa­cil­i­ties. The gi­ant bomb –longer than 11 per­sons shoul­der to shoul­der, or more than 6me­tres from end to end'.” In re­cent days, the Ira­ni­ans have seen how US sol­diers oc­cu­py­ing Afghanistan, in just three weeks, uri­nated on the corpses of killed Afghans, burned copies of the Ko­ran and mur­dered­more than 15 de­fence­less cit­i­zens. Let us imag­ine US forces launch­ing mon­strous bombs on in­dus­trial in­sti­tu­tions, ca­pa­ble of pen­e­trat­ing through 60 me­tres of con­crete. Never has such an un­der­tak­ing ever been con­ceived. Not one word more is needed to un­der­stand the grav­ity of such a pol­icy. In that way, our species will be in­ex­orably led to­wards dis­as­ter. If we do not learn how to un­der­stand, we shall never learn how to sur­vive. As for me, I har­bour not the slight­est doubt that the United States is about to com­mit and lead the world to­wards the great­est mis­take in its his­tory. *Thewri­ter­is­former­pres­i­dentofcuba. *Cour­tesy­byem­bassy­ofcubain­pak­istan.

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