Mrs. Joana Ca­pu­cho Rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Na­tional News­pa­per of Por­tu­gal “Diario De Noti­cias”

The Diplomatic Insight - - Editor's Note - The Por­tuguese pass­port al­lows trav­el­ing to 172 des­ti­na­tions with­out

he Por­tuguese can cross 172 bor­ders with­out visas and Por­tu­gal in­te­grates the group of coun­tries with the most pow­er­ful pass­ports. The Por­tuguese pass­port is one of which more doors open in the world with­out a visa. The ad­van­tages of Por­tu­gal is in sixth place in the list of coun­tries that have an eas­ier time to travel abroad have to do with the fact that the prepa­ra­tion of travel is eas­ier, faster and eco­nomic. And all be­cause the coun­try has his­tory and good diplo­matic re­la­tions. a visa, ac­cord­ing to the con­sul­tant’s rank­ing Hen­ley & Part­ners, which in­cludes 219 des­ti­na­tions. The coun­try thus arises, sixth, along­side oth­ers such as Canada or Lux­em­bourg. Top­ping the list is Ger­many (177) and, most re­cently, Afghanistan, which only al­lows en­ter­ing with­out a visa, a to­tal of 25 ter­ri­to­ries. Coun­tries like Por­tu­gal” are friendly, do not cause prob­lems,” says Seixas sched­ule, which is that there is good will on the part of other coun­tries. A coun­try that mis­leads the im­age to be prob­lem­atic causes el­lip­sis. Por­tu­gal has that im­age. “ An­other fac­tor that helps ex­plain not re­quir­ing visas for Por­tuguese is the story.” Por­tu­gal was an em­pire and as other coun­tries that were cases of France, Eng­land and Spain, ex­plains Martins da Cruz, a diplo­mat and for­mer Min­is­ter of For­eign Affairs and Por­tuguese Com­mu­ni­ties in the Bar­roso Gov­ern­ment. This ad­van­tage visa, “more than eco­nomic is time. We were able to move faster.

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