Euro­pean veg­etable oil prices

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ROT­TER­DAM: The fol­low­ing were the Wed­nes­day's Rot­ter­dam veg­etable oil price's at 22:00 PST.

SOY­OIL: EU degummed euro tonne fob exmill Apr11 925.00+3.00, May11/Jul11 928.00+3.00, Aug11/Oct11 933.00+3.00, Nov11/Jan12 938.00+3.00.

RAPEOIL: Dutch/EU euro tonne fob exmill May11/Jul11 1005.00+5.00, Aug11/Oct11 955.00-2.00, Nov11/Jan12 960.00+0.00, Feb12/Apr12 965.00+0.00.

SUNOIL: EU dlrs tonne ex­tank six ports op­tion Apr11/Jun11 1355.00-5.00, Jul11/Sep11 1360.00+0.00, Oct11/Dec11 1335.00+0.00.

LINOIL: Any ori­gin dlrs tonne ex­tank Rot­ter­dam Apr11/May11 1500.00+0.00.

CRUDE PALM OIL: Su­ma­tra/Malaysia slrs op­tion dlrs tonne cif R'dam Apr11 1140.00+10.00, May11/Jun11 1140.00+10.00, Jul11/Sep11 1137.50+15.00, Oct11/Dec11 1132.50+15.00.

PAL­MOIL: RBD dlrs tonne cif Rot­ter­dam Apr11 1222.50, May11/Jun11 1200.00.

PAL­MOIL: RBD dlrs tonne fob Malaysia Apr11 1167.50, May11/Jun11 1145.00+15.00.

PALM OLEIN: RBD dlrs tonne fob Malaysia Apr11 1175.00, May11/Jun11 1152.50+12.50, Jul11/Sep11 1132.50+12.50, Oct11/Dec11 1125.00+10.00.

PALM STEARIN: Dlrs tonne fob Malaysia Apr11 1135.00+10.00.

PALM FATTY ACID DIS­TIL­LATE: Dlrs tonne fob Malaysia Apr11 820.00-25.00.

CO­CONUT OIL: Phil/In­don dlrs tonne cif Rot­ter­dam Mar11/Apr11 1950.00+25.00, pr11/May11 1900.00+20.00, May11/Jun11 1875.00+15.00, Jun11/Jul11 1850.00+20.00.

CASTOROIL: Any ori­gin dlrs tonne ex­tank Rot­ter­dam May11/Jun11 2695.00+0.00. - Reuters

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