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It is said that re­li­gion is for hu­man, hu­man is not for re­li­gion and if any re­li­gion ad­dresses dis­crim­i­na­tion and in­equal­ity; it can­not be called re­li­gion. (Dr. Bheem Rao Ambed­kar)

Hin­duism is the world's an­cient re­li­gion which is ac­tu­ally called Sanatan Dharma in San­skrit which means Eter­nal, Ever Present and Uni­ver­sal. It is a code of con­duct and value sys­tem that has spir­i­tual free­dom. The roots can be traced back from the his­tory of Moen-joDaro which presents an ac­tual pic­ture of the tra­di­tions and cus­toms of this re­li­gion. How­ever, the ar­rival of Aryans in the sub­con­ti­nent changed the whole pic­ture and ide­ol­ogy of Hin­duism.

His­tor­i­cally, Aryan tribe was the most wicked, cruel and ex­trem­ist. They not only in­vaded sub­con­ti­nent but fully de­stroyed the re­li­gious and so­cial sys­tems of Sanatan Dharma and the ma­jor destruc­tion by them in­clude; a to­tal change in script of Ved (The Holy Book), in­tro­duced castes sys­tem which re­sulted in the con­cept of su­pe­ri­or­ity and in­fe­ri­or­ity. And in­tro­duced four castes (Brah­min, Vaish, Khashtiri and Shooder) and un­der this sys­tem those who are ac­tual Hin­dus and fol­low Sanatan Dharma in its full form, they have been ti­tled Shooder (Un­touch­ables) the low­est caste and this pop­u­la­tion has been suf­fer­ing since then.

Nor­mally, if a hu­man dies of nat­u­ral death or any un­for­tu­nate event it may be painful a day or few but dy­ing ev­ery sec­ond of your life af­ter your birth till death; how does it feel to you? "If you want to feel our pain, you have to take birth form a mother of this tribe" (A line by one of black African). The sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion is with this marginal­ized com­mu­nity called Dalt Com­mu­nity (Shooder Caste) who has been suf­fer­ing from ages. An ab­so­lutely wrong con­cept in­tro­duced by Aryans; "Th­ese peo­ple suf­fer un­der the act of God and this is the re­sult of their own deeds" a com­plete non­sense which has in­flu­enced our minds to be­lieve this and pass it to our gen­er­a­tions.

Vic­tims of Dis­crim­i­na­tion: The Dalt com­mu­nity is 80% of the Hindu com­mu­nity of Pak­istan and ma­jor­ity is liv­ing in the south­ern part of Sindh. They are not only marginal­ized on the ba­sis of re­li­gion but so­cially, morally and po­lit­i­cally they are de­prived of the ba­sic rights. This pop­u­la­tion is mostly as­so­ci­ated with agri­cul­tural pro­fes­sion but yet they are liv­ing in a very poor life and no one is there to look af­ter them. How­ever, there is a re­served quota for them but un­for­tu­nately this is be­ing taken by those who are ei­ther as­so­ci­ated with any strong po­lit­i­cal wing or elite classes who only ben­e­fit their bene­fac­tors.

There are num­ber of great lead­ers who have raised their voice for this marginal­ized com­mu­nity to get them their rights such as, Shankar Acharya (Utma Par­matma Ahey means God is the only su­pe­rior), Rabindar­nath Taig­ore, and The great Dr. Bheem Rao Ambed­kar (Dalt Phi­los­o­phy), Sadhu Heer­anand and Com­rade Lawyer Bhooro Mal are such names who have run move­ments to this caste sys­tem and ad­dressed the hu­man­ity and the one­ness of God.

Re­cently, a re­port was given by VoA (Voice of Amer­ica) where a group of young­sters was shown in Karachi who are ac­tively con­tribut­ing their skills and time by ed­u­cat­ing the chil­dren of this com­mu­nity, ir­re­spec­tive of re­li­gion they are go­ing to them and ar­rang­ing the classes in­side their tem­ples to ed­u­cate and en­lighten th­ese souls. Now if they can do that, why can't we? For how long we will live with the stupid con­cept of su­pe­ri­or­ity and in­fe­ri­or­ity? God has cre­ated us all equal then how can we vi­o­late the di­vine law by treat­ing them worst than an­i­mals? For how long a Barah­min will con­tinue to rule as the most pure and re­spected among all and the rest in­fe­rior to him? We are liv­ing in 21st cen­tury, we claim to be lib­eral; is this we call lib­er­al­ism in prac­tice? Well, It's the time to bring rev­o­lu­tion in­side; it's the time bring a pos­i­tive change to reach the goal of har­mo­nious and peace­ful world, free of ex­trem­ism and in­tol­er­ance.

Let's make the faith strong which is Hu­man­ity.

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