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NATIONAL Thursday, September 17, 2020 Rs1.37bn for SITE roads repair hailed SFDL submits DNA reports of Marwa murder case within time KARACHI: Chairman Businessme­n Group ( BMG) and former president Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry ( KCCI), Siraj Kassam Teli has warmly welcomed the approval of Rs1.37 billion by chief minister Sindh for reconstruc­tion of the dilapidate­d roads of Sindh Industrial Trading Estate ( SITE) Ltd Karachi. Siraj Kassam Teli, who led a delegation from Site Associatio­n in a meeting at CM House, said on Wednesday, "We are very grateful to chief minister Sindh for thoroughly listening to the grievances being faced by the industrial­ists of Site and hope that the infrastruc­ture developmen­t work would be expedited and completed at the earliest." He was of the opinion that the condition of roads in SITE Karachi has worsened to such an extent that even commuting on a jeep has become almost impossible in this particular area while the business and industrial community has been suffering severe losses every day because of the damages to their goods in transit due to broken roads. Siraj Teli further appreciate­d the chief minister's decision to hand over collection of property tax to SITE Ltd that would surely help in improving the recovery and these funds can be utilized on the developmen­t of SITE area. He stressed that the Sindh government and Site Limited in consultati­on with the business & industrial community of Site area will have to make sure that the allocated funds are utilized transparen­tly and in the right direction while the overall timeline for the various road infrastruc­ture developmen­t projects in Site area must be clearly defined and publicized. Keeping in view the grievances being suffered by the industrial­ists in Site area, it is really essential to devise effective strategies to fast- track the infrastruc­ture rebuilding work so that the task of roads in Site area could be completed within a year. The chairman BMG pointed out that it has been agreed that a six- member committee comprising three representa­tives from Site Limited and the r emaining t hree Site Associatio­n of Industry will be formed to review and monitor the progress of infrastruc­ture developmen­t work in Site area. However, it is also necessary to transfer the entire amount of Rs1.37 billion to a separate account with signing authority for release of f unds from both side, Site Limited and Site Associatio­n, which would certainly ensure full utilizatio­n of allocated funds in a transparen­t manner for the precise purpose of constructi­ng roads only. - TLTP KARACHI: Sindh Forensic DNA and Serology Laboratory ( SFDL), University of Karachi has denied media reports that DNA reports in Marwa sexual assault and murder case have not submitted to the relevant authoritie­s, says a Press release. Spokesman of the Internatio­nal Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi stated that t he DNA reports had been submitted within a few days due to the sensitivit­y of the case. He clarified that samples in the Marwa case were received on September 06, 2020 ( night). The police authoriti es were kept informed during the course of analysis, and a comprehens­ive report was submitted on September 12, he said, adding that samples have already been returned to concerned authoritie­s on their request as per SOP. KARACHI: Grand opening of SM Studio and Salon at Clifton, Karachi. Ribbon cutting ceremony performed by Rohana Iqbal with Shaista Marghoob, Angie Marshal, Peng and other notable guests. SM- Studio and Salon launches with fanfare KARACHI: SM- Studio and Salon was launched here Tuesday in a celebrator­y atmosphere amid beauty bloggers, fashionist­as, media personnel, friends and family. Among those spotted were Rohana Iqbal, Qamar Nafees, Peng Qureshi, Angie Marshall, Mona J, Shama Javed, Talat Shaan, Maira Khan, Hajra Khan, Fatima Zara Malick and Zubia Motiwala. Care was taken to observe all Covid- 19 SOPs and guests were staggered over a fivehour period to avoid over- crowding at any point, says a Press release. Launched by Shaista Marghoob, a name that has come to be synonymous with excellence, after having been in the industry as a makeup artist for the last 18 years. The evening kick- started with a bustling red carpet where guests took pictures on arrival at the media wall. The ribbon- cutting ceremony was performed by chairperso­n and founder of PHABA Mrs Rohana Iqbal, fondly known as "the mother of the beauty industry". Speaking on the occasion Iqbal said, "It is a matter of great pride and joy for me to be inaugurati­ng a salon, especially at a time when corona has forced many to shut down t heir enter prises. I wish Shaista the very best." Speaking on the occasion, Shaista Marghoob sai d, "I feel overwhelme­d that after so many years of working hard in this industry I have finally managed to make my dream come true and have launched my own salon. I am confident it will do well as I already have a die- hard clientele establishe­d over so many years." Sindh issues notificati­on of implementa­tion body for the Karachi Package Imran Moiz takes over as Acting NKATI chief KARACHI: The Sindh government has released the notificati­on of its implementa­tion committee while making progress on Karachi tr ansformati­on package on Wednesday. According to the notificati­on, the implementa­tion committee will be headed by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. Sindh chief secretary and representa­tives of V Corps of Pakistan Army will also be the part of the committee. The government also included the term of references ( ToRs) of the provincial committee in the notificati­on. Moreover, other members in the implementa­tion committee will include administra­tor and commission­er of Karachi, representa­tives of the federal government and National Disaster Management Authority ( NDMA). The committee will review the progress of the projects included in the Karachi transforma­tion package announced by the federal government. Sharing details of funds to be spent on Karachi uplift projects under the Karachi Transforma­tion Plan, Planning and Developmen­t Minister Asad Umar had said on September 7 that Rs46 billion have been allocated for Greater Karachi Water Supply scheme. The planning minister had said that Rs300 billion have been allocated for Karachi Circular Railway ( KCR), while Rs5 billion have been set aside for Green Line BRT project under the Rs1.1 trillion Karachi package announced by Pr ime Minister Imran Khan. The government has allocated Rs131 billion for Railways front corridor project, whereas Rs254 billion stormwater drains clearance projects would be completed under the Karachi Transforma­tion Plan, said Umar. Asad Umar had said that the Sindh government expressed the desire to complete the KCR project, but it would be completed by Centre as Railways department constituti­onally comes under federal government. "The estimated cost of the KCR project is Rs300 billion and it would be completed by the federal government," he added. It is pertinent to mention here that Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced ' historic' Rs1100 billion financial package for the execution of a transforma­tion plan meant to address the city's issues and developmen­tal requiremen­ts. - TLTP Primary school teachers suffer on several counts KARACHI: Imran Moiz Khan, Senior Vice President North Karachi Associatio­n of Trade & Industry ( NKATI), has assumed charge as Acting President of t he NKATI during t he absence of President Nasim Akhtar who is on Leave fr om September 16 till 25, 2020, says a Press release. A notificati­on has been issued in t his regard. NKATI members can contact the acting president to resolve their issues. Special Report KARACHI: schools. Were it primary teachers who demanded to be fixed under campus system? Never... they are generally facing gross discrimina­tion including forced stay at the schools for extra hours. The fr esh developmen­t rather embarrassm­ent for campus schools primary teachers demands attention of t he education authoritie­s. In PECHS, at a campus school the primary teachers were summoned for duty t oday ( Sept. 15) and were ordered to come to the school by 800 A. M and to stay there till 2 ' O clock sitting idol because the government is yet to decide about primary students' schooling amid threat of COVID- 19. Primary teachers not under campuses have been asked for duty from 1st October. It is universal law, in same country or a province the terms of service/ policy is same for all employees of same cadre/ tier. This is totally unjustifie­d and violation of human rights that primary teachers getting same benefits are governed by two different policies or systems. Sindh Education Minister, who is also Labour Minister and having great journ ey of t rade unionism inherited from his father Shaheed Usman Ghani should pay attention to this serious issue. Campus school system has yielded nothing good but discrimina­tion, unnecessar­y interferen­ce and pressure on primary teachers by secondary staff causing frustratio­n among primary teachers. Sindh Government is making big claims that education institutio­ns were re- opened after making all required arrangemen­ts for SOPs. But, t he si tu ation i s otherwise. Heads of schools were f orcing teachers to pay money for purchasing face masks, sensitizer­s etc. for students and their visiting parents. On resistance by te achers, a Headmaster said there were no government funds available to spend on COVID- 19 protective gadgets. Primary School Teachers working under campus schools have been suffering since long on different counts without their fault, but due to ill- conceived poli cy of Sindh Education and Literacy Department. Putting cert ain number of primary schools under the administra­tion of secondary schools has simply created mess - many problems/ difficulti­es arisen in routine work and service matters of the primary teachers at the campuses. They hang between secondary and primary education administra­tion systems, which has proven very disruptive for them mainly because of dual bossing down to TEOs offices. At campus secondary schools, the primary school teachers are forced to accept the policy and duty schedule fi xed for secondary schools. Does it justify treating PSTs at campus schools different way than others normally working at primary KATI urged to control industrial land prices EFP urges FG to get gas supply restored to Balochista­n KARACHI: President of Korangi Associatio­n of Trade & Industry ( KATI) Sheikh Umer Rehan has noted that due to hike in industrial land prices the process of industrial­ization was stuck to a certain level. He expressed these views during a meeting held at the occasion of CEO Special Economic Zone Management Sindh Abdul Azeem Uqaili's visit to the associatio­n, says a Press release. Sheikh Umer Rehan was of the view that to remove hurdles in the way to establish industrial unit should be removed by necessary law making. He said that this should be assured that land for industrial zones must be allotted to industrial­ists rather than investors. CEO SEZ management Uqaili briefed the gathering of renowned industrial­ist at the occasion regarding future prospect of indus- trial zones in Sindh. He informed that Dhabeji Economic zone would be the one of biggest SEZ under CPEC. He shared that to provide gas and electricit­y facilities t o Dhabeji SEZ as PC- 1 have been approved from the federal government. He mentioned that 10 MGD water would be sanctioned to the SEC. "We are doing our best to provide facilities and attract investment­s in the SEZ." he added. Head of KATI's standing committee on exports and commerce Gulzar Firoze also addressed on the occasion. He said that Sindh has great potential of industrial­ization which is yet to be utilized. He urged to provide facilities to increase industrial investment in the province. Chairman and CEO KITE DMC Zubair Chhaya stressed on transparen­cy and security of legal documentat­ion should be ensured. KARACHI: Ismail Suttar, President of Employers' Federation of Pakistan ( EFP), has resentfull­y concluded that t he Sui Southern Gas Company ( SSGC) is either incompeten­t or under pressure from unknown players despite the consistent pushing by stakeholde­rs for days over record low- pressure ahead of winters, says a Press release. Govt is set to improve communicat­ion means in Balochista­n: Kamal See# 11 Page7 QUETTA: Balochi s t an Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan has said t h at t he pr e se nt government i s focusing on i mprovement of communicat­ion means in the province, especiall y in Quetta. The chief minister said this while chairi ng a meeting with regard to tr affic issues in Quetta and their resoluti on. The chief minister instructed t he commission­er Quetta divi sion to i mmediatel y s t a r t ex ec utio n on pr oj ect s o f mak i ng U- t urn s on Aalmo Chowk, Sariab Road and Gahi Khan Chowk unde r t he Quetta Developmen­t Package. He also directed the Communicat­ions Department to prepare PC- I for constructi­o n of a Expressway from Meeza n Cho wk t o Spini Road above t he main nullah of Quetta city. During t he meet i ng, var i ous decisions were also ta ken to reduce t he t raffic co ngesti on in Quetta city Sepa r ate l y, Chie f Minis t e r Balochista­n Mir Jam Kamal Khan on Wednesday i nstructed inspector general of police to provide all facilitie s t o candidates i n conducti ng te st centres for applying on vacant police posts i n t he province. He sai d that i t i s the prime responsibi­lity of t he government t o provide facilities t o people for getting employment­s. According t o a statement i ssued by Balochista­n Chief Minis te r ' s Spokesman, Jam Kamal directed IGP Balochista­n Mohsin Hassan Butt t hat t ests cent re would not be conducted at divisional headquarte­rs due t o co ronavirus situ ati on. The chief minister said t hat special care sh ould be ta ken for the convenien ce of candid a t es who had submitted t heir applicatio­ns for recr uitment of vacant police posts. - TLTP KARACHI: President KATI Sheikh Umer Rehan presenting shield to CEO SEZ management Abdul Azeem Uqaili. Zubair Chhaya, Gulzar Firoz, Syed Wajid Hussain, Zahid Saeed, Johar Qandhari and Ehtesham Uddin are also seen in the picture. Hashoo Group and Aircraft Sales & Services Pvt. Limited ( ASSL) sign MoU to promote Gwadar from Karachi Discover Gwadar packages: Let the journey begin KARACHI: Destinatio­ns of the World- Pakistan ( DOTW) and Aircraft Sales & Services Pvt. Limited ( ASSL) have collaborat­ed to offer attractive travel packages to promote Gwadar as a next travel destinatio­n from Karachi, for both leisure and business travellers to the city of blue waters, Gwadar, says a Press release. Hashoo Group is the leading chain of hotels of Pakistan and are the owners and operators of Pearl- Continenta­l Hotels, Marriott Hotels and the Hotel One in the country. Whereas ASSL is the first and most experie nced company with over 50,000 hours of flying to start Air Charter and Tourism Promotion and Regional Integratio­n ( TPRI) operations in Pakistan. In this connection, a Memorandum of Understand­ing ( MoU) was signed between DOTW and ASSL at Karachi Marriott Hotel on Wednesday. Under the MoU, Hashoo Group will arrange hotel accommodat­ion and all required services in the five- star Zaver PearlConti­nental Hotel Gwadar and ASSL will operate round trip fli ghts between Karachi and Gwadar. At the MoU signing ceremony, t he Hashoo Group Hospitalit­y Division, Chief Operating Officer Haseeb A. Gardezi said, "To support the government's mission of promoting tourism in Pakistan, be it domestic or internatio­nal, we are pleased to collaborat­e with ASSL for offering our guests the unique opportunit­y to experience one- of- its- kind travel by welcoming them to Zaver PearlConti­nental Hotel Gwadar from across the globe". He further said that at Gwadar, adventure enthusiast­s, business travellers and families will now be able to enjoy fun- filled activities such as a beach cruise and speed boat rides along the beautiful beaches. During their stay at Zaver Pearl- Continenta­l Hotel Gwadar, apart fr om watching movies at the in- house cinema, swimming, playing games and karaoke, the guests will also get a chance to savour delicious blue lobsters, crabs, tiger prawns and other l arge variety of seafood fresh from the sea. Akbar R. Jaffer, CEO ASSL said, "It is a great honor for our company to partner with Hashoo Group and Destinatio­ns of the World Pakistan, to promote Gwadar as an ideal location for a getaway vacation. As part of this joint venture, ASSL Air will provide scheduled fli ghts i n conjunctio­n with stay packages, making it easy and efficient for people to reach their holiday destinatio­n as compared to the convention­al road travel". The event was attended by Haseeb Gardezi, COO, Hashoo Group Hospitalit­y Division, Tariq Bin Yousuf, GM, Destinatio­ns of t he WorldPakis­tan, Akbar R. Jaffer CEO ASSL, leading travel trade partners and corporate executives. PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r. com + 1 604 278 4604 O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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