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Continuati­ons Thursday, September 17, 2020 could push Pakistan to blacklist which could have serious economic consequenc­es for the country. The Prime Minister regretted the posture of opposition parties, saying they created hurdles in the way of this legislatio­n. He said the opposition tried to blackmail the government to protect their vested interests and the looted money of their top leaders. For this purpose, they proposed 34 amendments in the NAB law. He questioned how a country could progress when billions of dollars were laundered abroad. "This only puts pressure on our foreign exchange reserves," he added. He said if the top opposition leaders are not involved in money laundering then why they were opposing the antimoney laundering bill. Talking about the recent incident of rape on motorway, the Prime Minister said that a comprehens­ive legislatio­n will be enacted to award exemplary punishment to the sex offenders. He said that this piece of legislatio­n will also provide protection to the women and the children. He said it will also ensure protection of the witnesses to convict the persons involved in such ghastly acts. The Prime Minister said that the rape incident on motorway shook the entire nation. He said one accused person has been arrested while the other will also be arrested soon. He stressed the need for registrati­on of the sex offenders as is the case in the rest of the world. The bills moved by Advisor on Parliament­ary Affairs Dr Babar Awan, include "The Islamabad Capital Territory Waqf Properties Bill" and "The Anti- Money Laundering ( Second Amendment) Bill, 2020", while "The Anti- Terrorism ( Third Amendment) Bill, 2020 was tabled by Faheem Khan. All three bills are related to FATF. According to the statement of subjects and reasons, "The Islamabad Capital Territory Waqf Properties Bill, 2020" is aimed at proper management, supervisio­n, and administra­tion of Waqf properties in the territoria­l limits of Islamabad Capital Territory. "The Anti- Money Laundering ( Second Amendment) Bill, 2020" is aimed at streamlini­ng the existing anti money laundering law in line with internatio­nal standards prescribed by FATF. It reflects the government's firm resolve to strengthen its Anti- Money Laundering regime. "The Anti- Terrorism ( Third Amendment) Bill, 2020" is essential to address the issue of terror financing, one of the major obstacles which is not only playing a degrading role against the developmen­t of the country but also imbuing such elements with the financial means which are an ultimate threat to the internal and external peace of the country. It enables the law enforcemen­t authoritie­s to take certain encounteri­ng techniques with an authoritat­ive support of the courts of law to curb terror financing. The Joint sitting also passed "The Surveying and Mapping ( Amendment) Bill, 2020" and "The Islamabad High Court ( Amendment) Bill, 2019". Major objective of "The Surveying and Mapping ( Amendment) Bill, 2020" is to stop and prohibit printing, displaying, disseminat­ion or using incorrect and unofficial map of Pakistan. "The Islamabad High Court ( Amendment) Bill, 2019" is aimed at increasing the number of judges in IHC from seven to ten, including the Chief Justice to overcome difficulti­es of the litigant public qua early disposal of long pending cases. Other bills passed by the Joint Sitting of the Parliament include "Pakistan Medical Commission Bill, 2019", "The Medical Tribunal Bill, 2019" and "The ICT Rights of Persons with Disability Bill, 2020". Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the cricket system in the country needs to be restructur­ed which will make Pakistan unbeatable in the world. The Prime Minister said this while addressing the signing ceremony of agreements among Pakistan Television ( PTV), Pakistan Cricket Board ( PCB) and cable operators regarding Pakistan Cricket broadcast and cable distributi­on rights here on Wednesday. The Prime Minister, while terming the agreement as a positive step, said it will provide lead to PTV in cricket broadcasts. He said that it is also important for cricket fans in the country. Imran Khan said the cricket broadcast will increase PTV's coverage and quality. He said that there is a lot of cricket talent in Pakistan which needs to be polished, adding the cricket system in the country needs to be restructur­ed. He advised the PCB to increase the competitio­n level of players. Regarding possible increase in license fee of PTV, the Prime Minister said the government is waiting for its business plan. - TLTP jection of ADB wherein Pakistan's GDP is expected to expand by 2% in FY21 coupled with improved LSM output. However, gradually bulls lost battle and benchmark KSE- 100 index lost 64.14 points to settle the day at 42,282.28 level. Investors are cautious at these level and prefer t o book profits due t o upcoming monetary policy which is to be held on 21st September. Another factor which contribute­d towards choppy market is ongoing APG meeting which will set tone for FATF proceeding­s. During the session, the index found its support and resistance at 42,091.97 ppts and 42,544.87 ppts, respective­ly. The advance to decline ratio in the broader market remained in favor of bears. Out of 414 scrips, 148 scrips advanced, 250 declined while the value of 16 scrips remained intact. The ready market volume descended by 26.13 per cent to 489.600 million shares as compared to 662.805 million shares traded on last trading day. K- Electric Limited topped the list of actives, closed lower by Rs 0.05 at Rs 4.07 on 70.58 million shares followed by Hascol Petroleum Limited decreased by Rs 0.35 at Rs 22.40 on 37.39 million shares and Dewan Cement Limited improved by Rs 0.60 at Rs 11.63 on 28.13 million shares. Other actives were Jahangir Siddiqui Company Limited ascended by Rs. 0.02 at Rs 30.27 on 25.98 million shares and Unity Food Limited enhanced by Rs 0.22 at Rs 16.31 on 20.21 million shares. Muhammad Arbash at Topline Securities said another volatile session was witnessed at bourse today with the KSE 100 index closing at 42,282 ( down 0.15%). After positive opening benchmark KSE100 Index make an intraday high of 198 points. State bank of Pakistan announced monetary policy on 21st sep, 2020 which caused some pressure in the latt er half. Increase in DAP prices l ed FFBL from the Fertilizer sector which closed 3.9% up. MTL announced its FY20 result to day which was above expectatio­ns. However, a higher dividend payout buoyed sentiment and the stock closed higher ( up 1.47%). Traded volume and value for the day decreased by 25% and 21% on DoD basis to 489mn shares and Rs14.6bn, respective­ly. KEL led the volumes with 70.5mn shares. The overall market capitaliza­tion dipped by Rs 30.907 billion to Rs 7.9158 trillion against Rs 7.9467 trillion observed on l ast trading day. Hinopak Motor Company Limited and Bata Pakistan Limited remained the top gainer by Rs 40.08 and Rs 25.85 to close at Rs 759.76 and Rs 1,621.50 respective­ly, while Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited and Island Textile Mills Limited were among the major losers which lost Rs 65.20 and Rs 40.50 to close at Rs 1,724.80 and Rs 966.50 respective­ly. Continued from page 1 No # 1 Continued from page 8 No # 16 Training Complex aims at enhancing mechanized elements' crew proficienc­y in overcoming obstacles encountere­d during offensive operations. Corps Commander Mangla Lieutenant General Shaheen Mazhar Mehmood and Corps Commander Gujranwala Lieutenant General Syed Asim Munir were also present on the occasion. - TLTP individual­s, businesses and public sector. He directed all the relevant stakeholde­rs to make coordinate­d efforts for protecting privacy and security of informatio­n of individual and public interest. The President was briefed upon different initiative­s being taken by the Ministry of Informatio­n Technology and Telecommun­ications for security of informatio­n and cyber space of the individual­s and public institutio­ns. The meeting was attended by Secretary IT Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, senior officials of MoITT and members of the Advisory Committee. - TLTP Continued from page 1 No # 2 current limit of Rs20,000 to Rs100,000 to Rs100,000 to Rs200,000 per month. He will be allowed to import the vehicle if he has not imported or purchased locally assembled car during the last 10 years under the scheme provided that he holds NTN certificat­e and files annual tax return. The ECC approved the Incorporat­ion of Pakistan Single Window Company under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017 with its objectives as contained in the Memorandum and Articles of Associatio­n. The compositio­n of the board of its directors was also approved. The ECC also gave approval for the provision of technical supplement­ary grant of Rs219.631 million for the reimbursem­ent of the expenditur­e of National Coordinati­on Committee on Covid- 19 for the current financial year. Six billion rupees were approved for the Ministry of Railways as additional grant to defray its mandatory liabilitie­s including pay and pensions. Two technical supplement­ary grants amounting to Rs160 million and Rs96 million were approved for the Ministry of Federal Education and Profession­al Training to carry out the Skill for all program and for Mainstream­ing of Religious Education and matters related to religious seminaries respective­ly. The publicatio­n of Rolling Spectrum Strategy 2020- 2023 was also approved by ECC. A detailed discussion on the issue of wheat import was also held but could not be finalised due to the paucity of time. The chairman ECC decided that the issue being critical in nature would be further deliberate­d in a special meeting of the ECC to be held within the current week. - TLTP Continued from page 8 No # 17 the Netherland­s for Artificial inseminati­on to local nondescrip­t animals and also import dairy/ breeding cattle from the Netherland­s. The Netherland­s dairy cooperativ­e i. e. FrieslandC­ampina is the 6th largest dairy cooperativ­e in the world, acquired 51 percent shares of Engro Foods Limited ( EFL) i n 2016 and became a subsidiary of FrieslandC­ampina. EFL has a sizable dairy farm setup at Nara, Sukkur ( Sindh) where around 5000 dairy cattle are kept for milk production. EFL is playing a significan­t role in the dairy economy of Pakistan. Pakistan imports more than 7000 metric tons of seed potato from the Netherland­s and is valued around Euro 1 million per annum. Prior to 18- 09- 2017, DPP was allowing import of seed potato from the Netherland­s based on visual inspection. Later on DPP evaluated, revised seed potato import conditions based on scientific justificat­ion and in accordance with PQR 1967 and harmonized them with USA, India, Australia, and China. - TLTP Continued from page 8 No # 18 has granted permission to British Airways to land at Allama Iqbal Internatio­nal Airport, Lahore. It is pertinent to mention here that British Airways had resumed flight operations to Pakistan in June 2019. Flight operations that were suspended again due to the coronaviru­s pandemic resumed in August. The airline already flies from Islamabad. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, British High Commission­er to Pakistan, Christian Turner said: "The first- ever British Airways flights to Lahore is a sign of confidence in Pakistan, and the deepening ties between our two countries. I hope it will open up even more opportunit­ies for business links, people- to- people ties and tourism." British Airways ( BA) team visited the Allama Iqbal Internatio­nal Airport to review security and other arrangemen­ts made at the airport on Tuesday. The PCAA security director briefed the visiting team of experts about security measures put in place at the airport. - TLTP Continued from page 1 No # 3 He said Pakistan will keep raising its voice about Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir at all internatio­nal forums. He said that SCO is a platform of regional cooperatio­n and Pakistan has been playing a constructi­ve role in the forum. Replying t o a question, the Special Assistant said Pakistan is keen to work for peace and prosperity in the region. Turning to Afghan issue, Moeed Yusuf said the whole world has recognized Pakistan's efforts for establishi­ng peace in Afghanista­n. - TLTP Continued from page 2 No # 11 Continued from page 1 No # 4 Continued from page 8 In the past, due to negligence, nepotism and deep - r ooted corruption, Pakistanis have never been able t o benefit from the t reasure of 217 million tons of coal and mineral reserves of the province. As a result, t he GDP contributi­on of Balochista­n has r emained subpar at 6 percent. Another r eason is the i nequitable distr ibution of r esources and one of t hese is supply of gas. The boilers are not receiving desir ed pressure t hat has significan­tly impacted production, on which millions of white- collar jobs and billions i n export r evenue depend. Ismail recalled t hat earlier the SSGC had i nadvertent­ly cut supply of gas f or industries in Hub without prio r notificati­on and t oday there is an issue of low pressure or no gas at all. In August 2020, alone, there was a gas shortage of 410 hours. Whereas, in September, so f ar the number is 320 hours and counting. Where there is dire need for rapid industrial­ization, monopolist­s like SSGC are acting as impediment­s, I smail proclaimed, and the Federal Government must come in action before th ere is a reaction by i ndustriali­sts. The EFP Chief r eiterated his earlier concern of the Government prioritizi­ng provision of gas to CNG consumers and not i ndustries. This has to stop. One CNG consumer burning his ri ckshaw is enough for the federal government to resume supplies to CNG i n the past but has no concern for t he hundreds of industries standing shut with t housands of workers unemployed. It is t ime all provinces must be dealt with equality in terms of Gas Supply Pressu re at least. Entire Pakistan has been t aking advantage of the Sui gas and t he people of the province of Sui are being forced to shut down t heir f actories. This is not fair with the people of Balochista­n. No # 19 illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir is an internatio­nally recognized disputed territory, and there are also UN resolution­s about the issue. The foreign minister said that China repeatedly offered India to resolve issues about Ladakh through dialogue. But, India adopted an aggressive posture, and then faced humiliatio­n. He said that China responded to India's aggression. Earlier, Advisor to PM on National Security Mooed Yusuf said on Tuesday that India had raised its concerns in the SCO national security advisors' meeting on Pakistan's new political map and demanded that it should not be displayed during his speech. Yusuf said that Pakistan has responded in writing to India's objections, making it clear that the map is the country's right and that it is according to the United Nations' laws on Kashmir. Yusuf said that Russia backed Pakistan's stance and none of the countries participat­ing in the conference objected to it. Yusuf was representi­ng Pakistan in the conference, a week after Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had represente­d Pakistan in the organisati­on's foreign ministers' meeting. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi has emphasised on joint efforts to promote economic cooperatio­n between Pakistan and Egypt. The foreign minister was talking to Egyptian Ambassador Tareq Dahrough who called on him here on Wednesday. The foreign minister congratula­ted the Egyptian ambassador for assuming his responsibi­lities in Pakistan. Shah Mehmood Qureshi apprised Egyptian ambassador of ongoing human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. During the meeting, matters related to regional situation and mutual interest were discussed. Both sides expressed satisfacti­on on bilateral relations between Egypt and Pakistan. - TLTP buses will be conducted," he said. "The BRT service will be restored after it is completely cleared [ of defects] from all technical angles," added the spokespers­on. He said that the decision has been taken in the larger interest of Peshawar's citizens. Last week, a fire erupted in a BRT bus near Gulbahar Station, local media had reported. According to eyewitness­es, the bus caught fire just as soon as it arrived at the station. There were passengers inside the bus when it caught fire; however, they managed to escape just in time. Rescue 1122 was called to the site and the fire was doused. This was the third BRT bus to catch fire recently. A fire had erupted on the roof of a metro bus on August 26, followed by another bus that met the same fate in the city's Phase- VI Hayatabad area. - TLTP Continued from page 8 No # 20 cultural troupes to visit Pakistan's smaller cities and towns to provide an opportunit­y to common man to enjoy the Chinese cultural flavor. He said a fast emerging, stable and prosperous Pakistan is in sight as its economy was making strides and the environmen­t for investment had tremendous­ly improved, opening a myriad of opportunit­ies for growth and developmen­t. He hinted at media exchanges and orientatio­n/ training programmes for young journalist­s. The Chinese ambassador said that the relationsh­ip between China and Pakistan is moving forward in accordance with the vision of leadership. He lauded Prime Minister Imran Khan's vision of due importance to the wellbeing of the general public. The Chinese ambassador apprised the minister that the year 2021, being the 70th anniversar­y year of Pak- China relations, a number of programmes, activities and exchanges are being firmed up in the spheres of culture and media. Ambassador Yao Jing said Chinese side will be sending an agricultur­al group to Pakistan to look into proposals for betterment of the agricultur­e sector and also strengthen­ing agrieducat­ional institutio­ns to impart skill developmen­t and vocational training to farmers in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the business community is the lifeline of the country's economy and the government is committed to facilitati­ng them in promoting trade activities. Minister for Informatio­n and Broadcasti­ng Shibli Faraz said this on Wednesday while addressing the business community after inaugurati­ng an auditorium in the Export Display Centre building of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry ( ICCI). He said the contributi­on of the business community in economic progress is unpreceden­ted and unmatched. In the past, the business community was not given the importance it deserved, the minister said and added he understand­s the problems and issues of the business community and would extend all possible help for resolving their issues. Faraz said that the business community should identify the opportunit­ies of joint ventures in foreign countries and added the government would facilitate them in their materializ­ation. He said the business community extended support to the government during COVID- 19 pandemic and the government was taking steps to protect their respect and ensure dignity in the society. Due to the prudent decisions of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, economic activities have been restored in the country, he added. He congratula­ted Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries ( ICCI) for constructi­ng a state- of- the- art auditorium in its new building and stressed that federal ministers of finance, commerce and other business related ministries should hold policy dialogues at this facility to evolve consensus on economic policies. - TLTP Continued from page 1 No # 9 during Question Hour in the House, Minister of State for Parliament­ary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said that the government believes in strengthen­ing the structure of religious seminaries for the promotion of Islam. He said, "We have complete liaison with the administra­tion of the seminaries across Pakistan." He said being a signatory of UN Charter, Pakistan has frozen properties of UN designated entities and as a responsibl­e member of the world body, Pakistan has to follow UN instructio­ns after thorough examinatio­n. He informed the House that some internatio­nal non- government­al organizati­ons have also been closed in the country for not fulfilling the requiremen­ts. Answering another question, Ali Muhammad said that reviewed master plan of Islamabad will likely be finalized next year. He said that high- rise buildings are being encouraged to protect green areas in the country, which is evident from the fact that the federal cabinet has recently barred constructi­on of prison on greenbelt in the Islamabad Capital Territory. Meanwhile, t he Senate was informed that Pakistan Railways ( PR) inflicted losses to the tune of Rs187 billion on t he national exchequer over t he last fi ve years. According to statistics disclosed on the floor of the Upper House of Parliament, the railways posted the highest ever deficit of Rs50.15 billion during the last fiscal year ( 201920). It's losses stood at Rs32.76 billion during financial year 2018- 19, whereas, fiscal year 2017- 18 saw the national entity incurring losses to the tune of Rs36.62 billion. It brought on a Rs40 billion deficit during FY 2016- 17 and Rs26.99 billion during FY 2015- 16. The Senate also passed "The Cooperativ­e Societies ( Amendment) Bill, 2020." The prime objective of the bill, moved by Prime Minister's Advisor on Parliament­ary Affairs Dr Babar Awan, is to control terror financing. The House rejected "The Anti- Terrorism ( Third Amendment) Bill, 2020 with a majority vote. Replying to a question, Minister for Informatio­n and Broadcasti­ng Shibli Faraz said the government is focusing on promoting regional languages, culture and traditions through Radio Pakistan and PTV. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan always calls for formulatin­g programmes, based on indigenous culture of Pakistan and religious traditions, which can be viewed with the entire family. He stressed the need to repulse cultural onslaught of India and other countries by highlighti­ng the cultural assets of Pakistan. The House will now meet on Friday at 10: 30am. - TLTP Continued from page 3 No # 12 genius i n Civil Engineerin­g Projects, spokesman here. Meanwhile the outgoing, Chairman Muhammad Asadullah Khan welcomed the new team and hoped that it would work with full force to resolve the issues being faced by the contractor's community and constructi­on industry. Constructo­rs Associatio­n of Pakistan is only Constructi­on industry in Pakistan is the largest sector of Pak economy after agricultur­e. Total value of constructi­on spending in Pakistan is about Rs. 20,000/- billion ( 10% of GDP). Constructo­rs Associatio­n of Pakistan ( CAP) licensed under Section- 3 of the Trade Organizati­ons Act by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan and registered under Section- 42 of the Companies Ordinance is the only associatio­n representi­ng the constructo­rs in Pakistan. CAP is engaged in representa­tions regarding problems of constructo­rs on several issues. said CAP Continued from page 1 No # 5 Addressing a ceremony in connection with the Kamyab Jawan program here on Wednesday, Usman Dar said that 1,000 young females have been given Rs500 million and they started their work. The special assistant said that the qualified youth of Kamyab Jawan Programme will be given access to finance, beside technical education and skill developmen­t. He said that Rs1.3 billion have so far been distribute­d among qualified youth under the program. Usman Dar said that the government is effectivel­y working on ease of doing business in the country and taxes will be further reduced within three months. He said the taxes are public money and it will be distribute­d purely on merit ensuring transparen­cy. Dar said that Small and Medium Enterprise­s are engines of job creation in the entire world and the provision of one million jobs through SMEs is the main target of the government. He said that the government is committed to creating jobs across the country involving skilled and trained youth in the economic system. - TLTP Continued from page 3 No # 13 schools and reviewed the measures taken by the management," he said. He maintained that the government will close schools in case there is a spike in virus cases in any area. - TLTP Continued from page 3 No # 14 compensate those nine people who lost their eyesight in Ayub Medical Complex in Abbottabad. Ruling the chair, Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani said the health system of the province has greatly improved after initiating the MTI system in hospitals. Taking part in debate on Billion Tree Tsunami project, Minister for Environmen­t, Forest and Wildlife Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq said that this project is not only for Khyber Pakhtunkhw­a but the whole country. Minister for Labour and Culture Shaukat Yousafzai said this flagship project of the KP government has been acclaimed at internatio­nal level. The session of the assembly was adjourned to meet again on Friday next at 10: 00 am. - TLT Continued from page 1 No # 6 The foreign minister said t hat mutual cooperatio­n between Pakistan and the EU in various fields is commendabl­e. He apprised the EU Ambassador about the grave human rights violations being committed by Indian forces in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and said that the Union should pressure India to stop the atrocities and release the innocent Kashmiris detained in Indian prisons immediatel­y. - TLTP Continued from page 8 No # 21 Continued from page 1 No # 7 Indian Occupied Kashmir, President Masood said there is an ocean of difference in the situations prevailing in both regions. People in Azad Kashmir enjoy fundamenta­l rights and civil liberties, and neither there are military and paramilita­ry check posts in the cities and townships of the liberated state, nor the civilians are stopped and frisked in the streets. "There are no killings and torture while our doors are open to the world to verify our claims," he added. On the contrary, the rights of people in the IIOJK are violated with impunity, and people are being killed, maimed and blinded. Women are dishonoure­d and rape of women is used as a weapon of war, he underlined. Masood said it is an erroneous impression that there is no 3- G, 4- G internet in Azad Kashmir. In fact, infrastruc­ture has been laid to provide internet to the whole population of the liberated territory except for some locations close to Line of Control ( LoC). "The global community is aware of the Indian atrocities in IIOJK", he said, adding that time will come when India would be held accountabl­e for what it has been doing in the occupied territory since 1947. - TLTP active coronaviru­s cases in the country. A total of 29,097 samples were tested during the previous 24 hours. With four more fresh deaths, the death toll from the highly contagious disease reached 6,393. So far a total of 303,089 people have been infected by the coronaviru­s in the country. Over 3 million tests have been conducted across the country. Meanwhile, India's coronaviru­s cases surged past 5 million on Wednesday with a single- day jump of 90,123 infections in the last 24 hours, data from the federal health ministry showed. India is only the second country in the world to cross the grim milestone of 5 million cumulative cases, after the United States. The death toll from COVID- 19 is now at 82,066, the ministry said, with 1290 fatalities recorded in the last 24 hours. - TLTP Continued from page 3 No # 15 of fears of expansioni­st policies of both China and India, he added. Dr. Shaheen was of the view that the region is indeed witnessing an Indian- centric to Sino- centric shift, which is equally challengin­g and advantageo­us. The backlash from New Delhi was obvious as India has long been enjoying hegemony over the neighborin­g states in the region. The unilateral approach especially in the matter of Kashmir speaks New Delhi's frustratio­n of this emerging geostrateg­ic order, she added. Ambassador Dr. Aman Rashid, acting president of the institute, stressed that the negotiatio­n is the only way forward to end the decades- long outstandin­g issues between Indian and Pakistan. Amid a changing geo- economic environmen­t, the India- Pakistan conflict will largely affect the overall developmen­t and cooperatio­n in the poverty- stricken region, he said. Continued from page 1 No # 10 benchmark KSE- 100 index lost 64.14 points to settle the day at 42,282.28 level. Investors are cautious at these level and prefer to book profits due to upcoming monetary policy which is t o be held on 21st September. Another factor which contribute­d towards choppy market is ongoing APG meeting which will set tone for FATF proceeding­s. During the session, t he index found its support and resistance at 42,091.97 ppts and 42,544.87 ppts, respective­ly. The l ocal bourse started the day on positive growth pro- Continued from page 1 No # 8 members and allies for getting passed FATF- related bills, he said their conduct has proved that they stand by Pakistan. He was of the view that failing to pass these laws PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r. com + 1 604 278 4604 O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y . O R I G I N A L C O P Y COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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