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The Pak Banker - - 4editorial - Kamran Shafi

THE shenani­gans of our Deep State over the past week should have been il­lu­mi­nat­ing for any­one who had the slight­est doubt that it was not as blind and deaf and in­ept and ju­ve­nile and goofy and, in­deed, down­right hope­less as I have re­peat­edly tried to get across.

It was a dou­ble whammy: a very quick one-two land­ing on the chin of an al­ready help­less, luck­less and wretched coun­try reel­ing un­der re­peated blows.The first was the ad­mis­sion; at last, of the In­ter-Ser­vices In­tel­li­gence (ISI) and Mil­i­tary In­tel­li­gence's (MI) lawyer that the 11 dis­ap­peared pris­on­ers who were al­legedly taken away by 'agen­cies' per­son­nel ac­cord­ing to the chief sec­re­tary of the Pun­jab (no less), just be­fore they were to be re­leased from Adiyala jail, were in­deed in the two agen­cies' hands. (How do the ISI and the MI run their 'joint ven­tures' like this one? Out of the 11 pris­on­ers does one hold and in­ter­ro­gate six, and the other five? Do they flip a coin to see who gets to hold the larger num­ber?)

This ad­mis­sion is not the thing that sur­prised me, how­ever, for I have the high­est ex­pec­ta­tions of ut­ter das­tard­li­ness from our spooks; what gob­s­macked even me is the story that was spun out for the ben­e­fit of the hon­ourable Supreme Court that took the steps that brought the spooks out of their hid­ing. (Thank you, My Lords.)

And that is that the 11 were 'taken away' to an 'op­er­a­tional area' (read Fata) by their fel­low ter­ror­ists who were pos­ing as ISI and MI per­son­nel. I ask you! How pray, did these ter­ror­ists man­age to pose as 'agen­cies' per­son­nel? Do these two agen­cies wear pink and bright green uni­forms re­spec­tively? Do they have horns on their heads? How did the ter­ror­ists who spir­ited them away to the 'op­er­a­tional area' pre­tend that they were 'agency' per­son­nel, please, and why did the jail au­thor­i­ties fall for their ruse? in

In­deed, if they were as dan­ger­ous as we are told they are, why did the agen­cies not keep them un­der sur­veil­lance while they were Adiyala jail? Es­pe­cially when they were to be tried un­der mil­i­tary law, as the Supreme Court is now be­ing told?

Quite frankly, the story spun out de­fies any sense at all and seems to be a sin­gu­larly poor at­tempt by the 'agen­cies' to now wrig­gle out of the labyrinth into which they have wan­dered, se­cure in the knowl­edge that no law could reach them in their se­cure head­quar­ters; that no one would have the temer­ity to chal­lenge them.

It is a mea­sure of the agen­cies' ar­ro­gance that they did not take note of what the newly em­bold­ened Supreme Court was do­ing in other mat­ters that were placed be­fore it.

They did not note that fed­eral sec­re­taries, chief sec­re­taries of the prov­inces, in­spec­tors gen­eral of po­lice and di­rec­tors gen­eral of the Fed­eral In­ves­ti­ga­tion Agency to name a few most se­nior of­fi­cials, pre­sented them­selves be­fore the court when or­dered to do so. And that stric­tures were passed against some of them; and warn­ings is­sued to clean up their acts or else.

The sec­ond quite brazen and ab­so­lutely shame­ful hap­pen­ing was the fool­ish fake Wik­iLeaks re­leased to the press by a Pak­istani news agency. Guardian

The , one of the most re­spected news­pa­pers in the world, and one of the three that Wik­iLeaks first leaked to, blew holes the size of a foot­ball pitch into the faked story, leav­ing us Pak­ista­nis with more egg on our faces. By God, the amount of de­risory emails I have re­ceived! Is this what we Pak­ista­nis are? Fraud­sters and con artists ex­traor­di­naire? Liars and cheats of the first or­der? No, no, not all Pak­ista­nis, surely? The ac­tual fraud­sters and con artists who stay in the shad­ows and do their stu­pidi­ties.

Nor is this all. Those who di­rected the fak­ing of the so-called Wik­iLeaks on In­dia, and those who ac­tu­ally faked them, have only shown that they are a puerile and fool­ish lot. Which is fine by me. What I ob­ject to most vo­cif­er­ously is the fact that all of us Pak­ista­nis have been made to look bad be­cause of the shenani­gans of those few who do what they do. Guardian

And who are they? We do not have to look far be­yond the story, and one in one of the English-lan­guage news­pa­pers which printed the faked 'leaks'.

The fin­gers ap­pear to point at the se­cu­rity es­tab­lish­ment and its paid toad­ies and hang­ers-on who we know well from the un­so­licited emails we re­ceive by the dozen ev­ery sin­gle day: yarns spun on God knows what ev­i­dence; the most wild al­le­ga­tions and con­spir­acy the­o­ries even a fool would not be­lieve. We know too that the es­tab­lish­ment keeps a ver­i­ta­ble sta­ble of what it thinks are whiz kids who not only write the height of non­sense, but also speak the height of non­sense on its be­half. The ques­tion we must ask, how­ever, is whether those that run the es­tab­lish­ment live in cloud cuckoo land? Do they have no mea­sure of the dam­age their ser­vants are do­ing to the coun­try?

We must note that they, fake Amer­i­can ac­cents and all, are not giv­ing up even af­ter the shame of the fake leaks be­ing caught out. The new­est spin is that if the real Wik­iLeaks can bad­mouth Pak­istan why can they not bad­mouth In­dia? I ask you. Are you lis­ten­ing, gentle­men.

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