No won­der the world is in such a mess!

The Pak Banker - - Editorial - Ala Amir­shahi

To be ab­so­lutely truth­ful to my­self and to my read­ers, I am writ­ing this ar­ti­cle out of frus­tra­tion on the one hand and anger on the other. I there­fore urge the read­ers to be pa­tient and read on.

As ev­ery­one is aware, we live in a ter­ri­ble world, wars, in­jus­tice, poverty, famine, il­lit­er­acy and im­pend­ing en­vi­ron­men­tal dis­as­ters are just to men­tion a few per­ils with which mankind is strug­gling. Gov­ern­ments and politi­cians by and large, have their own agenda (usu­ally short term) and do not in any mean­ing­ful and ef­fec­tive way, con­cern them­selves with these mat­ters. I shall later in this ar­ti­cle give you my rea­sons and a tan­gi­ble ex­am­ple of this com­plete lack of in­ter­est which is ev­i­dence based and can­not be re­futed.

Some time ago, hav­ing stud­ied the struc­ture of United Na­tions Or­ga­ni­za­tion ac­cord­ing to which it op­er­ates, came to the con­clu­sion that the modus operandi of this most im­por­tant in­ter­na­tional in­sti­tu­tion is based on the worst un­demo­cratic and dic­ta­to­rial cri­te­ria. I there­fore de­cided to start a world­wide cam­paign in or­der to bring this fact to the at­ten­tion of all the peace and free­dom lov­ing peo­ple through our Web­site (www.democra­

I have writ­ten to var­i­ous peo­ple of high po­si­tion in this re­gard and have re­ceived some re­sponses which are self ex­plana­tory and can be re­ferred to on our web­site.

For the sake of brevity, I now re­fer to my re­cent ef­fort in this con­nec­tion, the dis­as­trous re­sults of which have made me both an­gry and frus­trated. As you might know the United Nation Or­ga­ni­za­tion has 192 mem­ber states and they all have their em­bassies in the United King­dom.I have writ­ten to all of their am­bas­sadors by reg­is­tered post, ex­plain­ing the sit­u­a­tion and re­quest­ing them to re­flect upon my sug­ges­tion and through their re­spec­tive gov­ern­ments de­cide on the rel­e­vant course of ac­tion in or­der to try and im­prove mat­ters. I am sure that you will all be amazed, as I was, that out of the 192 "ex­cel­len­cies" (!) only three took the time and trou­ble to re­ply. The rest, 189 did not even have the cour­tesy to ac­knowl­edge the re­ceipt of my let­ter which was signed by me as the founder and the co­or­di­na­tor of this cam­paign.

What does this at­ti­tude signi- fy? And what con­clu­sion one can draw from this de­lib­er­ate lack of in­ter­est in the sub­ject mat­ter which I be­lieve is ex­tremely im­por­tant and if prop­erly im­ple­mented has a tremen­dous im­pact on the lives of all the hu­man be­ings on this earth. This fun­da­men­tal and cru­cial mat­ter could even­tu­ally rev­o­lu­tion­ize the way in which the en­tire world is gov­erned and would im­prove the lives of mil­lions of the or­di­nary and in­no­cent peo­ple. I sin­cerely hope that this one ex­am­ple as has been briefly out­lined proves my point and an­swers to some ex­tent the semi-ques­tion raised in the ti­tle to this ar­ti­cle. Fol­low­ing my pre­vi­ous en­deav­ors with which I hope you will be­come fa­mil­iar through my site I wrote an ar­ti­cle about the whole sub­ject which has been pub­lished in English in "Per­sian Weekly" in Eng­land and "Tehran Times" in Iran.

Al­low me to em­pha­size here and now that al­though I am by birth an Ira­nian and a Mus­lim - about which I owe no apolo­gies to any­one-, but I have started this cam­paign as a hu­man be­ing and re­gard­less of any dif­fer­ences in those ar­eas, this has been purely and solely based on hu­man­i­tar­ian grounds. In pass­ing, it is quite in­ter­est­ing and sad that the "Ira­nian am­bas­sador" was amongst those who to­tally ig­nored my let­ter!

In clos­ing, I would like to para­phrase the fa­mous sen­tence by the late and al­ways re­spected Doc­tor Martin Luther king who said "I have a dream!" His dream if not en­tirely, but to some ex­tent be­came re­al­ity by the elec­tion of the Pres­i­dent Barak Obama in USA. I hope that my dream too, which is based en­tirely on truth and jus­tice, will sooner or later ma­te­ri­al­ize and be­come re­al­ity.

Cour­tesy Tehran Times (Ala Amir­shahi is founder and co co­or­di­na­tor of De­moc­ra­tize UN)

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