Shah­baz’s tirade against plun­der­ers con­tin­ues

Says on one hand we are a nu­clear power while on the other hand we have a beg­ging bowl in our hands

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Pun­jab Chief Min­is­ter Shah­baz Sharif has said that to­day’s Pak­istan is not of Al­lama Iqbal as on the one hand we are a nu­clear power while on the other hand we have a beg­ging bowl in our hand and are look­ing for pen­nies.

He said that loot and plun­der is ram­pant and all records of cor­rup­tion have been bro­ken. He said that Pak­istan has been looted mer­ci­lessly and as long as Zar Baba Forty Thieves are not made to leave, the aim of na­tional progress and pros­per­ity can­not be achieved.

He said that in­ef­fi­cient fed­eral rulers have not spared even friendly coun­tries and the high­ups of in­te­rior min­istry have flouted con­sti­tu­tion and law in the Safe City Project. He made an ap­peal to the peo­ple to bring for­ward such an hon­est and com- mit­ted lead­er­ship in the forth­com­ing gen­eral elec­tions as could trans­form Pak­istan in ac­cor­dance with the ideals of Iqbal and Quaid and rid it of Zar Baba Forty Thieves so that Pak­istan could join the ranks of de­vel­oped coun­tries like Tur­key and China.

The Chief Min­is­ter was ad­dress­ing a func­tion ar­ranged in con­nec­tion with Youm-e-Iqbal by Nazria-e-Pak­istan Trust and Tahrik-e-Pak­istan Work­ers Trust at Al­hamra Hall on Sun­day. Chair­man Nazria-e-Pak­istan Trust Ma­jid Nizami, Jus­tice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal, for­mer fed­eral min­is­ter Shaukat Tareen, Ijaz-ul-Haq, Pir Syed Muham­mad Kabir Ali Shah Gil­lani, Samia Ra­heel Qazi, Qayyum Nizami, Assem­bly Mem­bers, in­tel­lec­tu­als, work­ers of Tehrik-e-Pak­istan, mem­bers of civil so­ci­ety and Pak­istan Mus­lim League-N work­ers were also present on the oc­ca­sion.

The Chief Min­is­ter said that Al­lama Iqbal gave the idea of Pak­istan but it is un­for­tu­nate that Pak­istan is stand­ing far be­hind de­vel­oped coun­tries of the world. He said that it will not be wrong to say that Iqbal’s Pak­istan is lost. He said that the life of poor peo­ple has been made mis­er­able through loot and cor­rup­tion and even friendly coun­tries like Tur­key and China have been made tar­get of cor­rup­tion.

He said that Tur­key, China, Saudi Ara­bia and Iran are sin­cere and trusted friends of Pak­istan and have helped it in ev­ery hour of need. He said that the hearts of Turk peo­ple beat in uni­son with their Pak­istani brethren. He said that Turk en­gi­neers, doc­tors and nurses have set a noble ex­am­ple of love and brother­hood by cel­e­brat­ing both their Eids with the flood af­fectees of south Pun­jab.

He said that a trusted friend like China has not been spared in the Safe City Project and a sum of more than Rs.8 bil­lion has been looted. He said that the de­ci­sions of the Supreme Court should be re­spected. He said that the way the hard-earned money of the peo­ple has been looted is highly shame­ful. He said that Iqbal has given the eter­nal mes­sage of hope, self-re­spect and love for the Holy Prophet Muham­mad (Peace be upon him). He said that while the poor peo­ple are find­ing it hard to sur­vive to­day, the elite en­joy all priv­i­leges. He said that while for the poor there is ig­no­rance, sor­row, death, hu­mil­i­a­tion and de­pri­va­tion there is higher ed­u­ca­tion, hap­pi­ness, life, re­spect and pros­per­ity for the rich. He said that Iqbal’s Pak­istan has been di­vided into two coun­tries, one is of the rich and the other is of the poor. He said that the class con­flict is at its height and there is in­jus­tice ev­ery­where. He said that he feels that the time is not far off when a rev­o­lu­tion will de­stroy this sys­tem of in­jus­tice.

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