N-League must go for by-elec­tions on NA-122 & 125 seats

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Pak­istan Mus­lim League (N) that had faced a great em­bar­rass­ment on Satur­day af­ter the de­ci­sion of Elec­tion Tri­bunal that had de­clared null and void the elec­tion of NA-122 be­cause of mas­sive ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties in elec­tion on this seat.

PML(N's) Speaker Sar­dar Ayaz Sadiq had not only lost NA-seat but also the speak­er­ship of the Par­lia­ment as well. Af­ter the de­ci­sion of the Elec­tion Tri­bunal, Ayaz Sadiq has de­cided to move a pe­ti­tion in the Supreme Court to chal- lenge the de­ci­sion. But one thing is very clear, now Ayaz Sadiq will not be sit­ting in the Par­lia­ment as Speaker as long as the House re-elects him as Speaker in case the Supreme Court grants him stay.

Po­lit­i­cal an­a­lysts be­lieve that the PML(N) would not take the risk of get­ting Ayaz Sadiq re-elected as Speaker, be­cause the stay or­der can be va­cated any time and once again the PML(N) would be fac­ing the same great shame and hu­mil­i­a­tion that it faced this Satur­day af­ter the de­ci­sion of the Judge of Elec­tion Tri­bunal Kazim Ma­lik.

The same judge had al­ready de­clared null and void the vic­tory of Fed­eral Min­is­ter Khaja Saad Rafiq from NA-125, La­hore, a few weeks back, but he had ob­tained a stay or­der and en­joy­ing the fruit of democ­racy as min­is­ter.

If Ayaz Sadiq too gets a say or­der, the PML(N) would have one more MNA hav- ing the um­brella of stay or­der. Sim­i­larly, two more cases of rig­gings on NA seats won by N-League will be de­cided in next few days and the PML(N) would have to face more em­bar­rass­ment if the win­ners too faced the same fate like Khawaja Saad Rafiq and Ayaz Sadiq.

Now the ques­tion is that why the PML(N) afraids of by-elec­tion on the seats of Khawaja and Ayaz Sadiq? Re­cently, the PML(N) have won six seats in by-elec­tions and if the party goes for by-elec­tion on two more seats - NA-122 & NA-125, where the elec­tion had been de­clared null and void, the N-League would be in a bet­ter po­si­tion to win those seats this time with dig­nity, pride and hon­our.

For how long the PML(N) would carry the tag and stigma of stay or­ders that would fur­ther dam­age the pop­u­lar­ity of the party and in­crease sym­pa­thy vote of Pak­istan Tehrik-e-In­saf.

The sec­ond im­por­tant is­sue is the re­moval of the com­mis­sion­ers of the Elec­tion Com­mis­sion of Pak­istan. The Ju­di­cial Com­mis­sion re­port and Elec­tion Tri­bunal de­ci­sions have torn apart the ef­fi­ciency, im­age and per­for­mance of the Elec­tion Com­mis­sion of Pak­istan.

As the gov­ern­ment had al­ready got cer­tifi­cate of neat and clean elec­tion by the Ju­di­cial Com­mis­sion, the gov­ern­ment must kick out of ECP the con­tro­ver­sial and 'nalaiq' com­mis­sion­ers, mem­bers and other staffers of the ECP.

PTI Chair­man had given 2-week dead­line to the gov­ern­ment and Elec­tion Com­mis­sion of Pak­istan to purge the com­mis­sion from duf­fer, in­com­pe­tent and con­tro­ver­sial com­mis­sion­ers, the gov­ern­ment must act now and clear the mess by throw­ing un­wanted el­e­ments out of the ECP.

If the gov­ern­ment again keeps must on the ECP, it will give new vigour to PTI to launch another 'dharna' that Im­ran Khan says would be more vig­or­ous than the pre­vi­ous 126-days ' dharna'.

The PML(N) had al­ready an­noyed the PPP, MQM and it would lose the sup­port of more par­ties in the Par­lia­ment in case it ig­nores sweep­ing changes in the Elec­tion Com­mis­sion of Pak­istan.

Be­fore end­ing this col­umn, I would ap­pre­ci­ate the judge of Elec­tion Tri­bunal Kazim Ma­lik who had thrown into dust­bin the doc­trine of ne­ces­sity and ex­posed mas­sive ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties in elec­tion on NA122 seats.

Like the Ju­di­cial Com­mis­sion this judge of the EC could have fol­lowed the doc­trine of ne­ces­sity, but he showed chivalry and de­cided on merit the case to up­hold jus­tice and to give hope to peo­ple of change in the rot­ten demo­cratic sys­tem of Pak­istan.

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