Govt in­jects Rs 2.37tr in banks

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The govern­ment raised Rs319. 936bn from the auc­tion of Trea­sury Bills (T-bills) of var­i­ous tenors on Fe­bru­ary 3, lower than its tar­get of Rs350.0bn. The cen­tral bank re­ceived much higher bids of Rs569.608bn. Of the to­tal raised amount, the three­month T-bills fetched the high­est Rs169.366bn at a cut-off yield of 6.2591pc, fol­lowed by 12-month Rs93.839 bil­lion at 6.2758pc and six-month Rs56.731 bil­lion at 6.2665pc.

Ac­cord­ing to the weekly state­ment of po­si­tion of all sched­uled banks for the week ended Jan­uary 22, 2016, gross ad­vances of all sched­uled banks stood at Rs4,823.350 bil­lion, a de­crease of 0.15pc over the pre­ced­ing week`s Rs4,830.497 bil­lion. Ad­vances by all com­mer­cial banks fell to Rs4,664.310 bil­lion against pre­vi­ous week`s Rs4671.621 bil­lion or by 0.16pc.

Bor­row­ings by all sched­uled banks de­clined fur­ther in the week un­der re­view. It fell to Rs1798.153 bil­lion over pre­vi­ous week`s Rs1,915.636 bil­lion or by 6.13pc. Bor­row­ings by com-mer­cial banks also de­clined in the week to Rs1,764.453 bil­lion against pre­vi­ous week`s Rs1,881.135 bil­lion, lower by 6.20pc.

In­vest­ments of all sched­uled banks stood at Rs6,711.136 bil­lion against pre­ced­ing week`s Rs6,738.062 bil­lion, a fall of 0.40pc. In­vest­ments by all com­mer­cial banks stood atRs6,680.527 bil­lion, against pre­ced­ing week`s Rs6,709.833 bil- lion, a de­cline of 0.44pc. De­posits and other ac­counts of all sched­uled banks de­creased and stood at Rs9,370 bil­lion, over pre­ced­ing week`s Rs9,371.004 bil­lion, a fall of 0.01pc.

De­posits and other ac­counts of all com­mer­cial banks stood at Rs9,329.486 bil­lion against pre­ced­ing week`s de­posits of Rs9,329.824 bil­lion, show­ing a de­cline of 0.004pc. To­tal as­sets of all sched­uled banks stood at Rs13,190.620 bil­lion from Rs13,313.702 bil­lion. All com­mer­cial banks` as­sets stood at Rs12,972.835 bil­lion against Rs13,094.419 bil­lion. Cash and bal­ances with trea­sury banks of all sched­uled banks de­creased over the week and stood at Rs734.270 bil­lion against pre­vi­ous week`s Rs703.676 bil­lion, show­ing a rise of 4.34pc. Cash and bal­ances of all com­mer­cial banks stood at Rs732.405 bil­lion, lower by 4.60pc over pre­vi­ous week`s Rs700.249 bil­lion.

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