Mustafa Ka­mal bashes MQM chief, an­nounces new po­lit­i­cal party

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Former mayor of Karachi, Mustafa Ka­mal in a dra­matic re­turn to the city re­vealed for the first time his rea­sons be­hind his con­tro­ver­sial exit from the Mut­tahida Qaumi Move­ment (MQM) and crit­i­cised the party's chief Altaf Hus­sain for "de­cep­tion" and what he called his poor run­ning of one of Karachi's strong­est po­lit­i­cal par­ties.

In a speech that last nearly two hours, he also an­nounced the for­ma­tion of a new po­lit­i­cal party, which he said is yet to be named. He raised a Pak­istani flag and said it is the of­fi­cial em­blem of his newly launched or­gan­i­sa­tion.

"To­day we are lay­ing the foun­da­tion of an or­gan­i­sa­tion, you may call it a party. We are just two in­di­vid­u­als, my­self and Anees Qaimkhani."

Mid­way dur­ing the speech, Ka­mal broke down into tears while ad­dress­ing the press con­fer­ence, as he went on to make ma­jor rev­e­la­tions about the in­ter­nal work­ings of the party and what he called the cult of per­son­al­ity made around Altaf Hus­sain.

"Every time the MQM joined the gov­ern­ment, its po­si­tion de­te­ri­o­rated," Ka­mal stated.

"But Altaf sa­hab and the MQM in­stead of apol­o­gis­ing, be­gan ver­bally at­tack­ing PTI women ac­tivists at Teen Tal­war," he said, adding that de­spite poor gov­er­nance, the MQM was able to bag two more seats be­tween 2008 and 2013. "I thought the PTI was steal­ing al­most a mil­lion votes from MQM's strongholds, which will make the party re­think its ways," added Ka­mal, shak­ing his head.

Re­fer­ring to the MQM supremo as "Altaf sahib" as com­pared to his ear­lier rev­er­en­tial use of "Altaf Bhai", he said Hus­sain was of­ten in­tox­i­cated while ad­dress­ing work­ers, and that his state wors­ened over time.

"Altaf gath­ered his work­ers and was in­tox­i­cated, when he ad­dressed his sup­port­ers at 90 af­ter the PTI achieved suc­cess dur­ing the 2013 elec­tions," said Ka­mal. Ka­mal said de­spite re­peated re­quests, Altaf Hus­sain did not pay heed to the ad­vice given by party lead- ers. Ka­mal added that Altaf was in­tox­i­cated when ad­dress­ing the en­tire Rabita Com­mit­tee. He went on to state that peo­ple have sac­ri­ficed their lives and gen­er­a­tions for Altaf Hus­sain for years, while we used to take re­spon­si­bil­ity for all his mis­takes and ac­tions.

"We tried our best to keep Altaf Hus­sain from be­ing ex­posed. Ini­tially, he used to be out of senses at night due to ex­ces­sive drink­ing, but now he stays in­tox­i­cated for days and weeks," stated Ka­mal while shed­ding light on cur­rent state of party af­fairs.

"We staged a protest out­side the Sindh elec­tion com­mis­sion af­ter elec­tions just to cool down Altaf's tem­per."

Ka­mal went on to state, "He used words such as "thok dou" (kill them) for PTI work­ers and it be­came the Rabita Com­mit­tee's job to ex­plain and jus­tify his state­ments in front of the en­tire world," said Ka­mal.

Re­fer­ring to the many res­ig­na­tions pre­sented by the MQM supremo, Ka­mal said even the me­dia doesn't re­mem­ber how many times Altaf Hus­sain has re­signed as party chief.

"We sac­ri­ficed for Altaf, and did not dis­tin­guish be­tween right and wrong, but Altaf does not care about his work­ers. Party work­ers deaths are used by him for po­lit­i­cal point scor­ing only."

Re­fer­ring to the loy­alty of the party's sup­port­ers, Ka­mal said, "Ever since this party came into be­ing, peo­ple have lost their lives for the party's cause, we fought the es­tab­lish­ment and the en­tire world just to save Altaf Hus­sain."

Talk­ing about the cur­rent state of af­fairs with in MQM, Ka­mal stated, "Look at the raids, the ar­rests, and the ig­no­rance of the peo­ple, we ac­cept that sac­ri­fices have to be made for a cause, but what are these sac­ri­fices for? Tell me, and I will make them too."

He fur­ther stated that he tried to re­verse the trend that was preva­lent with in the party for five years, but left when he grew frus­trated with lack of progress made. "When I was leav­ing the party I knew my life would be in dan­ger," said Ka­mal, adding, "We knew we will be killed."

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