Govt auc­tions Rs 174b T-bills

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LA­HORE: The govern­ment sold Rs174.447bn worth of mar­ket trea­sury bills last Wed­nes­day ex­ceed­ing the auc­tion tar­get of Rs150bn. How­ever, the amount raised was lower than the bids re­ceived of a sum of Rs389.688bn.

Of the to­tal raised amount, 12-month T-bills fetched the high­est amount Rs101.636bn at a cut-off yield of 6.2192pc fol­lowed by six-month Rs72.464bn at 6.2026pc and three-month Rs346.747m at 6.1697pc.

Ac­cord­ing to the weekly state­ment of po­si­tion of all sched­uled banks for the week ended Feb 19, 2016, to­tal as­sets of all sched­uled banks inched up to Rs13,367.149bn from Rs13,361.393bn dur­ing the pre­ced­ing week. It was higher by 15.04pc com­pared to last year's cor­re­spond­ing fig­ure of Rs11,619.607bn.

To­tal as­sets of all com­mer­cial banks rose 0.05pc to Rs13,154.921bn from Rs13,147.708bn in the pre­vi­ous week. Spe­cialised banks' com­bined as­sets dropped to Rs212.228bn from Rs213.685bn in pre­ced­ing week.

De­posits and other ac­counts of all sched­uled banks de­creased to Rs9,352.810bn from Rs9,363.033bn in the week ago. Com­pared with last year's cor­re­spond­ing fig­ure of Rs8,403.236bn, it was higher by 11.30pc.

All com­mer­cial banks' de­posits and other ac­counts stood at Rs9,314.124bn against pre­ced­ing week's Rs9,324.016bn. De­posits and other ac­counts of spe­cialised banks fell to Rs38.687bn against Rs39.017bn in the pre­vi­ous week.

Gross ad­vances of all sched­uled banks rose 0.15pc to Rs4,835.714bn from Rs4,828.434bn in the pre­vi­ous week. Com­pared with last year's cor­re­spond­ing fig­ure of Rs4436.378bn, it was up by 9pc.

Ad­vances by all com­mer­cial banks fell to Rs4,675.422bn against pre­vi­ous week's Rs4668.483bn. Ad­vances of spe­cialised banks stood at Rs160. 291bn against pre­vi­ous week's Rs159. 951bn. Sched­uled banks' bor­row­ings in­creased 0.50pc to Rs1,923.488bn over pre­vi­ous week's Rs1,913.77bn. Com­pared to last year's cor­re­spond­ing fig­ure of Rs1,331.727bn, it stood higher by 44.43pc.

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