The Pak Banker : 2020-08-26



Companies/Boss 3 killed, 41 hurt in truck bomb in Balkh KABUL Taliban insurgents set off a truck bomb on Tuesday in an attack on Afghan army commandos, killing three people and wounding 41, the defence ministry said, despite steps towards peace talks with the US-backed govt. The Taliban claimed responsibi­lity for the blast in northern province of Balkh, saying on Twitter they had attacked the commandos. The defence ministry said 2 members of the commando force were killed and six wounded, while the rest of the casualties were civilians. The blast came as a Taliban delegation visited the Pakistani capital to discuss a peace process underpinne­d by an agreement between the Taliban and the US on the withdrawal of US forces. -AP Court Notice In the Court of Waseem Hussain Civil Judge 1st Class Phalia Ishrat Nirma vs Amjad Iqbal Suit for Dissolutio­n Marriage Notice to Amjad Iqbal S/o Mehdi Cast Cheema R/o Peer Bhalla Tehsil Phaliayou are directed through this court notices / advertisem­ent to personally appear before 27-082020 (8:00 AM), otherwise your failure to appear and expert proceeding­s will be processed against you as per rules and no objection will be entertaine­d after this proceeding­s. SA-660-2019 Correction of father name I Anam Ishaq have passed Secondary Schoo l Certificat­e/ Intermedia­te Annua l /Supplement­ary examinatio­n Matric2013 under roll no 405959 and Intermedia­te 2016 roll no 143460 from Board of Intermedia­te and Secondary Education Gujranwala. My father name is Zafar Ishaq where as on my certificat­e my father's name has been mentioned as Muhammad Ishaq which is incorrect. I want to get change my father's name from Muhammad Ishaq to Zafar Ishaq, if any person/organizati­on/agencies has any objection then the same my be intimated in writing to the sectary Board of Intermedia­te and Secondary Education Gujranwala within 15 Days. From Anam Ishaq D/o Zafar Ishaq R/o Hafizabad Road Sadiq Road St No.3 Mohallah Sultan Pura Gujranwala. Court Notice In The Court of Asma Falak Rana Sahiba Judge Family Court Lahore, Sute for Dissolutio­n of Marriage, Sidra etc vs Shahzad Akbar s/o Muhammad Akbar r/o Mohallah Taju Khel Lahore District Sawabi KPK, presently r/o resided at City bin jumma al-ain, United Arab Emirates. Whereas in the above mentioned can it has been proved to the satisfacti­on of the Court that the above mentioned can be served in the ordinary way. It is therefore proclaimed undar Order 5, Rule 20 CPC that of said defandand will/shall not appear personally or though a duly authorized agent or pleader in Court at 8:00AM on 28.08.2020 the proceeding will be taken ex-parte against you. No arugments of any nature shall be entertaine­d thereafter. Given under my hand seal of this Court. SA-661-2019 SA-662-2019

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