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Medicines short­ages in the Min­istry of Health hos­pi­tals in Jor­dan:

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Jor­dan is an up­per mid­dlein­come coun­try with a per­capita GNI of $ 4,340. Drug short­ages are a per­sis­tant mat­ter and are con­sid­ered a global prob­lem. Medicine short­age is de­fined as a sup­ply is­sue that af­fects how the phar­macy depart­ment pre­pares or dis­penses a prod­uct or af­fects pa­tient care when pre­scribers must choose an al­ter­na­tive treat­ment be­cause of sup­ply prob­lems.

A study was con­ducted by Q. Ale­fan, K Tash­man, T Mukat­tash and S Az­zam of Jor­dan Univer­sity of Science & Tech­nol­ogy, Clin­i­cal Phar­macy, Ir­bid, Jor­dan. The pur­pose of this pa­per, ac­cord­ing to the Euro­pean Jour­nal of Hos­pi­tal Phar­macy, is to de­ter­mine the mag­ni­tude of the medicines short­age prob­lem in Jor­dan and to as­sess its im­pact on pa­tient out­comes and on health­care prac­tice. A ques­tion­naire was ad­min­is­tered to physi­cians and phar­ma­cists in Min­istry of Health (MOH) main hos­pi­tals in all twelve Jor­da­nian gov­er­norates and main MOH drug stores. Data were col­lected in July & Au­gust 2013. Re­sults showed that 357 re­spon­dents com­pleted the sur­vey, yield­ing a re­sponse rate of 66.4%. About 54% of re­spon­dents had had trou­ble lo­cat­ing medicines dur­ing their last week of prac­tice, ris­ing to 56% dur­ing the last six months. Phar­ma­cists spent more time deal­ing with drug short­ages than did physi­cians. More than 70% of re­spon­dents were not sat­is­fied with the re­sources avail­able for no­ti­fi­ca­tions about a short­age in cer­tain drugs. Their re­sponses also showed that pa­tient out­comes and providers’ prac­tice were be­ing af­fected by the short­age of medicines. The sur­vey con­cluded that hos­pi­tal doc­tors and phar­ma­cists re­vealed that the time re­quired to man­age drug short­ages is note­wor­thy and that the im­pact of medicine short­ages on their prac­tice and pa­tients’ health out­comes is real and sig­nif­i­cant.

Source: Euro­pean Jour­nal of Hos­pi­tal Phar­macy

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