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We con­tinue to share ad­vice by our col­league and small busi­ness ex­pert, Melinda Emer­son. Af­ter a chance meet­ing with her three years ago, she has been a reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to this mag­a­zine. Her pearls of wis­dom are worth con­sid­er­ing as they can open our eyes to the im­por­tance of keep­ing up with the lat­est sales and mar­ket­ing trends. This is of­ten dif­fi­cult for small busi­nesses, as every wak­ing hour can be spent fo­cus­ing on the day-to-day tasks, risk­ing miss­ing what's hot in the world of small busi­nesses and on­line traders.

It stands to rea­son that the more places you sell your prod­ucts, the more you will sell, right? In ad­di­tion to sell­ing prod­ucts on your own e-com­merce web­site1, it may be ad­van­ta­geous to pur­sue on­line mar­ket­places like Face­book, Ama­zon, or Etsy where you can also sell your prod­ucts through so­cial me­dia. With more than 1.5 bil­lion users on Face­book, find­ing cus­tomers could be a se­ri­ous boon for your com­pany with the right strat­egy in place. Peo­ple who might not oth­er­wise have found your e-com­merce web­site can stum­ble upon you through Face­book posts and ads and end up be­ing life-long cus­tomers. And if you have your of­fer set up to in­stantly close a sale, the fact that peo­ple don’t have to leave Face­book to make a pur­chase makes them even more in­clined to buy from you. Face­book rolled out a Buy Now but­ton fea­ture a few years ago, and it’s pick­ing up some mo­men­tum. How­ever, rel­a­tively few busi­nesses are tak­ing ad­van­tage of us­ing it, which is noth­ing but good news for you! Set­ting up a Face­book store is easy, too, so there’s re­ally no down­side to do­ing it.

Start with Your Face­book Page

You won’t be able to sell prod­ucts on Face­book with­out set­ting up a Fan Page for your busi­ness2, so if you don’t yet have one, get one. Nat­u­rally, the more fol­low­ers you have on your page, the more suc­cess­ful your sell­ing ef­forts will be. So work on that first.

Get Your Store Set Up

Then, you’ll want to set up a Shop on your page. If you use an e-com­merce plat­form like Shopify, you can eas­ily add on their Face­book Store ser­vice3, which will in­te­grate with your ex­ist­ing sales tools. Now, there are a few op­tions for how you can reach peo­ple with your store. Any­one who vis­its and Likes your Face­book Page can buy from your store sim­ply by click­ing on the Store icon at the top of your feed. There are some apps you can use to di­rect sell on Face­book too. Bee­tailer, Con­nect your ex­ist­ing e-store to Bee­tailer to sell on Face­book. It of­fers a wiz­ard will guide you through the process. You can cus­tomise the Face­book ver­sion of your store through an easy-to-use in­ter­face. For ex­am­ple, you can show only a cer­tain sub­set of your prod­ucts. It’s free up to 30 prod­ucts, and when cus­tomers want to check out they are di­rected back to your ex­ist­ing shop­ping cart. A pro ac­count is $40 per month. SoldSie, If you don’t want to create a sep­a­rate store try the SoldSie app. It al­lows you to sell di­rectly through your Face­book mes­sages and posts. You just up­load a photo, price and sale de­scrip­tion and then sched­ule your event. At the spec­i­fied time, the item will ap­pear on your Face­book page as any mes­sage. Your fol­lower’s com­ment to buy, and then SoldSie man­ages in­ven­tory and billing. They fully in­te­grate with

Pro­mot­ing Your Of­fer­ings

Face­book Ads: You can try Face­book Ads4, which puts an ad with a “Buy Now” but­ton into the feed (or on the side of it) of ex­actly the tar­get au­di­ence you’re try­ing to reach. It’s a fairly cost ef­fec­tive way to reach a wider, and spe­cific tar­get au­di­ence. The key to sug­gest is test­ing 35- ads for the first week of your cam­paign and us­ing the click-thru rates to nar­row your cam­paign to the best two ads. You may find that a mod­est in­vest­ment in Face­book ads could re­ally boost sales, as more peo­ple than would nor­mally visit your Page see your land­ing page.

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