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Pa­pua New Guinea is a coun­try of more than 800 lan­guages, so if you get stuck com­mu­ni­cat­ing, what bet­ter way to get your mes­sage across than with this clever T-shirt with 39 univer­sal icons printed on it?

The sym­bols rep­re­sent things such as food, ho­tels, hos­pi­tals, tele­phones, first aid and where to get a drink of wa­ter.

Just point to the sym­bol to get your mes­sage across.

The T-shirt is the in­ven­tion of Swiss mates who were rid­ing mo­tor­bikes through Viet­nam in 2013 when one broke down. They needed help to get the bike fixed, but no one in the vil­lage could un­der­stand their English or French, so they ended up draw­ing icons on pieces of pa­per to be un­der­stood. The icons worked and they con­tin­ued to com­mu­ni­cate this way for the re­main­der of their Viet­nam trip, be­fore re­turn­ing home and trans­fer­ring the nifty idea on to T-shirts and turn­ing it into a busi­ness ven­ture. See icon­speak.world. ■

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