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A quick guide to Pa­pua New Guinea, from catch­ing a taxi to mak­ing a phone call.

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With the ex­cep­tion of the High­lands, PNG has a warm trop­i­cal cli­mate. The wet sea­son in Port Moresby is from De­cem­ber to April.


In­ter­net: Web ac­cess in Port Moresby has im­proved im­mensely in re­cent years. Although it re­mains costly, all the Port Moresby ho­tels listed in this guide pro­vide a fast­speed in­ter­net ser­vice. In other ur­ban cen­tres, you may still be re­ly­ing on dial-up. For those stay­ing longer, wire­less in­ter­net, via a USB mo­dem is avail­able, although down­load speeds can vary.

Phone: In­ter­na­tional mo­bile phone roam­ing is pos­si­ble in PNG but it is costly. A cheaper op­tion is to buy a lo­cal SIM card and pre­paid credit (in­clud­ing data packs for smart­phones).

It is much cheaper to make in­ter­na­tional calls from PNG than vice versa.

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