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Xiao long­bao dumplings are per­haps Shang­hai’s most fa­mous street snack; ob­sessed lo­cals ar­gue end­lessly over which stalls and restau­rants make the best. The per­fect dumpling has a thin, al­most translu­cent skin that en­closes a hot, richly flavoured broth. Pick­ing one up in chop­sticks with­out the skin burst­ing is a skill. Join the queues at Crys­tal Jade Restau­rant (123 Xingye Road, Xin­tiandi) to try what many con­sider the best xiao

long­bao (and many other dumpling va­ri­eties) in the city.

Eats ... fresh tuna served at Cuivre.

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