Paradise : 2019-11-01

Traveller : 59 : 59


Christmas Wishes STAR STUDD ED CATALOGUE IN STORE NOW ! TIC GALAC ER VOUCH GIFT AY! GIVEAW BRIAN BELL HOMECENTRE­S Weekly ! Winners COMPETITIO­N Prizes! Astronomic­al National 110 PRIZES as m st sas ri tm he tmases Ch ris is s Ch Chris ish W W she es Wi Wish  TO BE WON! FTRD GI CA T GIF RD CA T GIF D CAR GIFT CARD 16x K1,500 GIFT VOUCHER S WEEKLY! K250,000 CHRISTMAS WISH GIVEAWAY   Sir Wish Brian Bell Foundation Tree The Sir Brian Bell Foundation has selected numerous worthy charities and causes nationwide, to help support those in need this Christmas. Support the Sir Brian Bell Foundation by purchasing a K2, K5, or K10 Wish Tree Star from your local Brian Bell Homecentre, Trade Electrical, Chemicals or Agricultur­e stores. You will be helping to provide much needed support to individual­s and charities across Papua New Guinea and 100% of the funds raised will be distribute­d to those in need. Additional­ly, the Foundation has committed to provide further funding to increase the Wish Tree donations for each of these charities. Your generosity will bring much needed Christmas joy to some amazing and deserving causes, supported by the Sir Brian Bell Foundation. For only K2 you can hang your Wish Tree Star on one of the in-store Christmas trees located across all the Brian Bell locations nationally. Merry Christmas! Choose Your Donation! K2 K5 K10­roup homecentre­

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