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Ti­na: –I ha­ve a sur­pri­se for you. I know that you like gar­dens, so I brought you to one of the most beau­ti­ful ones. Open your eyes! Gel­tru­de: –Ama­zing! So many co­lors! Thank you, Ti­na. I think my ca­me­ra will run out of spa­ce. What is the na­me of this pla­ce? Ti­na: –It is ca­lled Keu­ken­hof, is a lar­ge park in the Net­her­lands. They ha­ve a great collection of flo­wers. The­re are al­so old mills, la­kes, foun­tains and great walks. Gel­tru­de: –Wow! This park is very beau­ti­ful. What does it say in that poster, Ti? Ti­na: –It says, "Wel­co­me to the Ave­nue of tu­lips!" Gel­tru­de: –Oh, God! I lo­ve tu­lips! Ti­na: –I knew it, lol.

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