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A GROUP of highly ex­pe­ri­enced pro­gres­sive farm­ers in Lipa City and Sto. To­mas town in Batan­gas Province are be­gin­ning to pre­fer buy­ing and trans­plant­ing farm-ready seedlings in­stead of grow­ing the seedlings them­selves. They have come to re­al­ize that this way, they save on time and costs in ob­tain­ing seedlings to plant in their farms.

In­stead of spend­ing for seedling trays, grow­ing media, la­bor, and con­struct­ing seedling nurs­eries, they can fo­cus on pre­par­ing their trans­plant­ing plots and basally fer­til­iz­ing these with or­ganic fer­til­izer like pro­cessed chicken ma­nure and car­bonized rice hull. Then, they can just wait for the ready-to-plant seedling sup­plier to de­liver the young plants. One mem­ber of the group even found time to have drip ir­ri­ga­tion lines in­stalled on his plots.

The short­cut that the farm­ers em­ploy has its ad­van­tages. Pre­par­ing the proper grow­ing media for start­ing seeds alone is costly, time-con­sum­ing, and fraught with risk, un­less grow­ers ster­il­ize their medium. Seedling prepa­ra­tion is crit­i­cal, es­pe­cially with high-value crops, as the hy­brid seeds for these are not cheap. If the qual­ity of the grow­ing medium used is not as­sured, or not free of harm­ful pathogens, the seedlings pro­duced will not have a good start in the field, will be more prone to pest and dis­ease in­fes­ta­tions, and the crop will surely yield poorly.

On the other hand, with a re­li­able sup­plier of qual­ity ready-toplant seedlings, they can have a fast, cost-sav­ing, and prob­lem­free start in grow­ing their veg­etable crops. The Batan­gas farm­ers have found their seedling sup­plier, Golden Farm Agri-Busi­ness Inc. of Barangay Suma­pang Matanda in Malolos City, Bu­la­can. They have pro­duced and de­liv­ered high-qual­ity seedlings since it started oper­a­tions in early 2014.

Peter Tala­cay shows ma­tur­ing fruits in his tomato field at Lipa City’s Brgy. Tambo.

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